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One of the premier manufacturers in the entire continuous positive airway pressure industry, ResMed has long been known for consistently producing quality and durable CPAP machines, masks, supplies, and accessory equipment. ResMed is often considered the premier supplier of CPAP machines and masks, and their latest line of S9 CPAP and bi-level devices are among the market's most ergonomic and effective lines of equipment.

The S9 machines all feature ResMed's enhanced algorithms that ensure positive outcomes during properly conducted therapy. Advanced models feature ResMed's best technology, which allows patients to automatically adjust pressure in their machines to respond to changing environmental conditions for optimal therapy in all situations. Additionally, ResMed's arsenal of masks and supplies virtually guarantee that all patients will be able to find a mask to their liking and have enough supplies to ensure that the quality of their therapy will never be compromised.

Additionally, ResMed sells bi-level VPAP machines. These machines are strictly intended for patients with severe sleep apnea conditions and are not intended for use by customers with routine sleep apnea.

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