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CPAP Alternatives

Although CPAP therapy is the gold standard for treating sleep apnea, alternative therapies to reduce symptoms and consequences of obstructive sleep apnea are out there.

Bongo RX - AirAvant - CPAP Alternatives
Bongo RX - AirAvant - CPAP Alternatives
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The most commonly prescribed alternative sleep apnea therapies are:


  1. Dental and oral appliances that move the jaw forward during sleep
  2. Weight loss
  3. Surgery to reduce soft tissue that collapses in the airway during sleep
  4. Positional therapy uses a device to keep the patient on their side during sleep
  5. Avoiding smoking and alcohol use

Since sleep apnea is increasingly diagnosed and recognized as a source of many serious long-term health risks, new therapeutic possibilities are regularly popping up in the marketplace. Provent is one such alternative therapy. Provent Therapy uses small adhesive rings with one-way valves that sit over the nostrils. Each ring has a tiny valve that opens on inhalation and closes on exhalation. Since the valve closes during expiration, the user exhales against resistance. The resistance during exhalation creates positive pressure in the airway to stent it open. Similarly, the flow from a CPAP machine creates resistance for the wearer to breathe against to generate positive pressure in the airway. The Provent Therapy device is trying to create that resistance in a new way.

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