CPAP Mask Accessories

CPAPMan has all the CPAP accessories you need to replace worn out, lost or damaged parts for your favorite mask including Chin Straps, replacement cushions and headgear. The mask is worn for hours every night, so your cushion or your CPAP pillow cushion can lose their seal and softness over time and headgear gets stretched out. Following the manufacturer’s recommended replacement schedule for all your mask’s parts aids your satisfaction and ensures you consistently get a great night’s rest. Cpap accessories play an important part of your apnea therapy so you will want to replace them regularly to ensure you get the most out of your sleep therapy. If you have skin irritation you may either have an ill fitting mask or simply need a product like our mask liners that can ease the pressure.

Proper mask accessories can help your mask fit better or more comfortably and you may find that you need a different sized cushion or headgear for a proper fit or perhaps a new forehead pad and spacer which can help you get a better fit as well. CPAP Mask Wraps are available to make frames just a bit softer against your skin.

Recommended CPAP Accessory Replacement Schedule

Mask every 3 months
Mask cushions every month
Headgear every 3-6 months or sooner if they stretch out
Chinstrap every 6 months or sooner if it stretches out
Tubing every 2-3 months
Disposable Filters every month
Non-Disposable filters every 6 months
Water chamber every 6 months
Machine and humidifier every 5 years

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