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CPAP Mask Accessories

CPAP Mask Accessories Overview

CPAPMan has all the accessories you need to replace parts for your CPAP mask. CPAP masks are worn for hours every night, so over time, cushions/pillows lose their seal, and headgear gets stretched out. You can ensure you consistently get a great night's rest by following manufacturers' recommended replacement schedules.

Accessories that help your mask fit better are also available. You may find that you need a different-sized cushion or headgear. Forehead pads and spacers can help you get a better fit. Wraps are available to make mask frames softer against your skin.

Popular Brands

We carry CPAP accessories from popular brands like ResMed and Philips Respironics, so if you need to replace your nasal pillows or have a full face mask that needs new headgear, we have you covered. We also carry everything from CPAP hose cleaning brushes to mask liners to help with skin irritations.

Recommended CPAP Accessory Replacement Schedule

Mask every 3 months
Mask cushions every month
Headgear every 3-6 months or sooner if they stretch out
Chinstrap every 6 months or sooner if it stretches out
Tubing every 2-3 months
Disposable Filters every month
Non-Disposable filters every 6 months
Water chamber every 6 months
Machine and humidifier every 5 years

How can we help?

Not sure exactly what you need? Our therapy package bundles CPAP, accessories, and support for a simple start. Or a Sleep Champion can help direct your shopping experience.

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