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Safe, effective, and trouble-free oxygen delivery at home or on the go takes a bit of planning and requires a few essential supplies.

Supplemental oxygen is delivered to the patient through a nasal cannula or a mask via tubing attached to the concentrator or tank. Masks, cannulas, and CPAP oxygen adapters all work with either oxygen concentrators or oxygen tanks. Extra-long tubing is available to allow people to move about their house while wearing the supplemental oxygen. Oxygen can be bled into a CPAP or BiPAP machine with a small adapter. Pulse oximetry equipment is a must-have at home to monitor the levels of oxygen in the blood and make sure the medical equipment is working well for the user.

CPAPman has all the necessary parts and pieces to keep oxygen delivery devices and CPAP machines running safely and smoothly. CPAPman also has bags and backpacks designed to fit the matching brand of portable oxygen concentrator precisely. Stock up on nasal cannulas and oxygen extension tubing, so you are ready when something breaks or gets left behind. CPAPman also has oxygen enrichment adapters to add oxygen to CPAP or cough assist machines.

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