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Humidifier Bubbler Bottle for Oxygen Concentrators

Humidifier Bubbler Bottle for Oxygen ConcentratorsHumidifier Bubbler Bottle for Oxygen Concentrators

Humidifier Bubbler Bottle for Oxygen Concentrators


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Oxygen Humidifier Bubbler

The AG Disposable Humidifier Bubble Bottle is a supply for oxygen concentrators. It is designed to offer comfortable humidity and moisture to your continuous flow oxygen therapy with minimal noise. These oxygen humidifiers include defined maximum and minimum water level lines to provide a user-friendly experience. It is the best option when you need humidified air as it prevents dryness of the upper airway. It can be used with oxygen concentrators, cylinders, and liquid oxygen systems to provide humidity that eliminates nose or mouth dryness. It is not made with natural rubber latex.

For use with Flows from 2LPM to 12LPM, with 6 psi Pressure Relief Valve.


Key Features

  • Disposable, long lasting, break-resistant plastic
  • Marked maximum and minimum water level lines
  • Provide humidified oxygen to reduce the dryness of nose
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to clean
  • Soft plastic diffuser reduces clogging due to mineral build-up
  • Recessed nipple reduces possibility of breaking off outlet connection

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1 Humidifier Bubbler Bottle

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