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Adult Nasal Cannula 7ft/15ft/25ft Oxygen Supply Tube - Sunset Healthcare

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Two words: Comfortable Cannula


Designed to meet your oxygen needs, these pliable plastic nasal cannulas are curved and comfortable making them fit tremendously well. You'll do away with nasal irritation, abrasions to your skin, and ulcers that are caused by pressure. Better yet, you'll never wake up with sore inflamed nostrils.

Perfect Design

With the tube being narrow, it is practically invisible when worn. It is also colorless allowing it to blend it without being noticeable to the person wearing it. Having Flexibility allows for proper adjustment to the right comfort level. Coming measured at seven feet in length, the Nasal Cannula gives you the freedom to move freely during the night. The length of the tube is also beneficial during daytime activities therefore mobility is important during those daily tasks.

Key Features

  • Latex Free-Perfect choice for those suffering from latex allergy. Also, a bonus if you are sensitive to the smell of latex.
  • Recommended flow rate is 1 - 6 L/min

How to insert the Nasal Cannula

  • The cannula has two small prongs. Insert into the nostril, with the curved prongs pointing downwards towards the nostrils.
  • Lift the tubes so that they sit on either side of the nose and carefully fit them over your ears.
  • Adjust the slider up under the chin to prevent discomfort to the face.
  • Also, be sure that the tube rests high on the cheekbones.

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