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Y-Connector For Oxygen Tubing - Sunset HealthcareY-Connector For Oxygen Tubing - Sunset Healthcare

Y-Connector For Oxygen Tubing - Sunset Healthcare

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Oxygen Tubing Y-Connector Barbed

The Sunset Healthcare Oxygen Tubing Y-Connector Connects 2 oxygen sources together. For example, to one nasal cannula for higher air flow.


It fits 3/16in and 1/4in tubing. All 3 sides are the same. 


1 Y-connector

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Trisha (Verified Purchase)
Y connector for Oxygen tubing
The oxygen tubing Y connector was the item we needed to make the life of oxygen therapy so much more tolerable. I have never been able to use a stationary 5lpm home oxygen concentrator because my flow rate is 6lpm. I have had to use a 10l stationary concentrator. These 10 litres stationary home oxygen concentrators are just defeating. They are so large and so very loud. When my 10 litre stationary home oxygen concentrator needed replacing no one had any stock. I looked everywhere but was told the manufacturer was backordered. When I called CPAPMAN to check on their stock, the Respiratory Therapist explained to me about the Y connector. I could use a 5lpm stationary home oxygen concentrator after all! The Respiratory Therapist explained to me how the Y connector can link two stationary 5lpm home oxygen concentrators together to produce my prescribed flow rate of 6lpm. CPAPMAN changed my life! I am beyond thrilled to have this new set up in my home. Thank you CPAPMAN for your valuable knowledge and experience.
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Question Ii am on oxygen 24/7. I have a room concentrator that I use for daytime oxygen. I use the same same room concentrator for my non invasive ventilator at night. Is there any kind of Y connector that I can use and can keep both oxygen tube for each connected to the Y connector on a room concentrator. I would need to be able for the adapter to allow one tubing working at a time and block passage on the other tubing. I am on full time oxygen with stage 4 COPD. I have a hard time looking and unhooking morning and night. If there is anything like this please let me know.
Norma Byers
800 E Hopkins St
Mexia Tx 76667
Hi there, unfortunately the Y connector does not have a shut off, so you will be unable to block off passage to either side. I apologize for the inconvenience. I would suggest reaching out to your current oxygen provider to see if they may have an easier way for you to connect/disconnect the set up you have currently at home.
Posted: 01/09/2022
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