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Y-Connector For Oxygen Tubing - Sunset Healthcare

Y-Connector For Oxygen Tubing - Sunset Healthcare


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Oxygen Tubing Y-Connector Barbed

The Sunset Healthcare Oxygen Tubing Y-Connector Connects 2 oxygen sources together. For example, to one nasal cannula for higher air flow.


It fits 3/16in and 1/4in tubing. All 3 sides are the same. 


1 Y-connector

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Question Ii am on oxygen 24/7. I have a room concentrator that I use for daytime oxygen. I use the same same room concentrator for my non invasive ventilator at night. Is there any kind of Y connector that I can use and can keep both oxygen tube for each connected to the Y connector on a room concentrator. I would need to be able for the adapter to allow one tubing working at a time and block passage on the other tubing. I am on full time oxygen with stage 4 COPD. I have a hard time looking and unhooking morning and night. If there is anything like this please let me know.
Norma Byers
800 E Hopkins St
Mexia Tx 76667
Hi there, unfortunately the Y connector does not have a shut off, so you will be unable to block off passage to either side. I apologize for the inconvenience. I would suggest reaching out to your current oxygen provider to see if they may have an easier way for you to connect/disconnect the set up you have currently at home.
Posted: 01/09/2022
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