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Privacy Notice ("we" or "Cpapman") is committed to protecting your privacy. Therefore, Cpapman has developed policies and procedures to ensure that the information you provide to us through our web site, the, is collected and maintained in a manner that respects your privacy. This Medical Information Privacy Notice explains these important policies and procedures so that you will be aware of how we collect and use the information you provide us, and how you may modify and/or delete this information.

Because your privacy is important to us, Cpapman does not track or collect personal information unless it is purposefully and knowingly provided to us. In other words, we do not collect your information without your knowledge.

Should you request that we contact you to provide additional information about our products and services, and you have provided us with personal information so that we may do so, we will not use or disclose this information outside of Cpapman without your consent, unless required by law. In the event that you use Cpapman's products/services, we may use and/or disclose the information that you provide to us in communications with your treating physician and/or insurance plans.

To summarize, it is our policy: (1) not to collect your personal information without your knowledge and consent; (2) to protect the privacy of any personal information you choose to provide to us; (3) to notify you of our policies and procedures regarding your personal information; and (4) to abide by the terms of this Privacy Statement. We are dedicated to fulfilling this policy.