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Oxygen Supply Tube 7ft - Sunset HealthcareOxygen Supply Tube 7ft - Sunset Healthcare

Oxygen Supply Tube 7ft - Sunset Healthcare


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Sunset Healthcare oxygen supply tubing forms a circuit that connects the oxygen concentrator to the CPAP or BiPAP machine including Inogen, Respironics, Invacare, DeVibiss, ResMed, and others. The 7 feet Clear Oxygen Supply Tubing resists kinks and occlusion and is latex free.
One end connects to the oxygen enrichment adapter that allows the user to attach to the CPAP machine, while the other end connects to the oxygen concentrator.

In this circuit, the user can also use the oxygen supply tubing to connect it to the Gauge Manometer to measure the pressure output of the CPAP machine.

The oxygen supply tubing is crush-resistant to help ensure the flow of oxygen.  
Clear tubing provides visibility.



Application          Oxygen Tubing
Color                    Clear
Length                  7 Foot (2.1 m)

Note: This is just a supply tubing, you need a nasal cannula to have the oxygen delivered to your nostrils.
You can also get a nasal cannula + supply tubing set here.


One Clear Oxygen Supply Tubing

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