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Pressure Valve for Oxygen Concentrator User by Philips

Pressure Valve for Oxygen Concentrator User by Philips


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Pressure Valve

For users who use CPAP therapy in conjunction with an Oxygen Concentrator then this one is for you! The Pressure Valve designed by Philips Respironics sole purpose is to prevent water and oxygen from streaming directly into your CPAP machine via your tube and/or humidifier. While the device is in use with the machine, air will flow through the valve, and when it's shut off, the valve will prevent water or air from backflowing into your mask which makes therapy better. The possibilities are unlimited as the valve is compatible with practically any stand alone humidifier and any CPAP and BiPAP machine without or without a humidifier.

Key Features

  • Easy to Attach
  • Unlimited Compatibility
  • Prevent Water and Air Leaks


Valve should be cleaned weekly with mild detergent and warm water. It should be replaced if valve malfunctions or breaks.

SKU: 1686
  HCPCS CodeE1399

1 valve per pack

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