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Mirage Liberty/Activa/Vista CPAP Mask Inlet Tube w/ Swivel Assembly - ResMed


No Prescription Required

Mirage Liberty, Mirage Activa, and Mirage Vista with Swivel Assembly, each

Inlet Tube and Swivel Assembly Kit

Top Quality Tube and Swivel

The Inlet Tube and Swivel Assembly for the Mirage series by ResMed is a straightforward and convenient accessory kit that includes an inlet tube, cuffs, and swivel. The tube has a length of approximately 11.5 inches (with a swivel attached) and is designed to replace the tubing for a range of Mirage mask systems. The inlet tube is flexible and will not inhibit your range of motion during sleep; what's more, the tube is very simple to connect and disconnect and won't create hassle or complication for patients.


This inlet tube and swivel assembly are compatible with a variety of mask systems from the Mirage series by ResMed. Specifically, it is designed to work with the Mirage Liberty full face mask, the Mirage Activa CPAP nasal mask, the Mirage Kidsta CPAP nasal mask, and the Mirage Vista CPAP nasal mask.


  • Swivel assembly is made of polycarbonate/polypropylene
  • Inlet tube length - 11.5 inches (with swivel attached)
  • Works with a variety of Mirage masks
  • Includes inlet tube, cuffs, and swivel
  • Simple to connect/disconnect
  • Easy to assemble


A Guide to Fitting the Mirage Liberty Mask




A7034, A7035
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