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CPAP Tubing Elbow (for Plastic Tubing) - ResMed

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This is the elbow that connects the ResMed machine and the standard 22mm or 15mm CPAP tubing directly to the device and tube. It can change the airflow direction by roughly 90 degrees. Compatible with any ResMed CPAP machine that is using plastic tubing (heated tubing is NOT compatible).

Len C
This is exactly what I needed.

The air hose connection on my ResMed AirSense 10 results in the air hose being directed straight back from the machine. But, with the front of the machine facing the bed, the hose is going in the opposite direction of where it is needed. As a result, getting the hose headed back towards the bed use sup a meaningful amount of hose length. This elbow allows the hose to exit parallel to the back of the machine and easily make the turn towards the bed, where it is needed.

I would note that my ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet with HumidAir also came with a heated hose. This heated hose has a built in "elbow" that directs the hose parallel to the back of the machine. Seems like ResMed should have included this elbow with the machine to allow for the correct orientation of a non-heated air hose.
Ronald F (Verified Purchase)
I am pleased with the RESMED elbow tubing and would recommend it to other CPAP users.
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Question I have the Quattroairfit F10 (Resmed) mask , and I am in need of the quick release Elbow attachment will this be a fit?
Unfortunately this will not work for that purpose. The smallest piece we sell with that component is the entire frame assembly:
Posted: 06/26/2021
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