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CPAP Mask Chin Restraint - ResMed

CPAP Mask Chin Restraint - ResMed


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Chin Restraint by ResMed

Single Strap Chin Restraint

High-Quality Chin Restraint by ResMed

The Single Strap Chin Restraint by ResMed is an exceptionally well-made, top-notch piece of equipment designed to correct mouth breathing and maximize your therapy experience. Applying the ResMed chin restraint is incredibly easy - simply place your chin into the chin cup and then fasten the top strap so that it fits your specific head size and shape. The chin cup is composed of an exceptionally soft cloth material and will rest gently against your skin. Mouth breathing can pose a significant problem for patients as it tends to create a dry mouth and reduces effectiveness; the ResMed chin strap allows patients to remedy this issue without having to use a full face mask design.

ResMed chin straps feature: 

  • Keeps mouth closed during therapy
  • Straightforward single strap design
  • Prevents air leaks and dry mouth
  • Exceptionally soft chin cup
  • Easily adjustable top strap
  • Maximizes results


How to Reduce Dry Mouth




  HCPCS CodeA7036
by Kim P(Verified Purchase) Date Added: 07/25/2017

My feelings about this chin strap are just like the reviewer on June 29. It would fit differently in standing position compared to lying down; and it would fall off of my head also after I tried to combine it with my nasal pillow. When I was laying down, and tried to adjust it, the Velcro would pull my hair. :-(. It's strange that I read great reviews about this item in May and June, that's why I chose to buy it, but now, I am finding poor reviews and I can't even return it! That's not great customer service.

by Date Added: 06/29/2017

The first night I tried it, it was snug on my head when I went to bed but when I awoke the next morning, it was loose around my chin so my mouth was slightly open, which I am trying to prevent. It had not even become un-velcroed. I guess it just fit my head a different way when I was in a resting position. So, I tried it a second night. First, I put it on my head and then I put the nasal pillow mask on my head. All of a sudden, the whole thing fell forward off my head. I never have this problem with my homemade chin strap. I need to return this.

by Marshall K Date Added: 05/31/2016

As long as you don't put them in the washing machine, these work well. I have tried other styles and cheaper knock-offs of this, but it is my go-to choice.

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