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ResMed S9 Filter Cover

ResMed S9 Filter Cover


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S9 Filter Cover.

Filter Cover for S9 Series

High Quality Replacement Filter Cover

The Filter Cover for the S9 Series by ResMed works excellently as a replacement part or back-up part in your CPAP therapy system. The filter cover is incredibly easy to attach - simply place the prongs into the corresponding slots in the back of the machine and then the cover is ready to protect your filter! Not only does the filter cover easily snap into place, it also provides an additional layer of protection against accidental liquid spillage. The filter cover performs a vital function - the machine should not be operated if the filter and filter cover are not both securely in position.


  • Filter and filter cover should be in place at all times during operation
  • Provides protection in case of accidental liquid spillage
  • Excellent replacement part for damaged or lost cover
  • Works with all S9 CPAP and VPAP machines
  • Does not include any filters
  • Will not work with S7 or S8
  • Easily snaps into place

Overview of CPAP Machine Operation, Filters and Cleaning

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