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Hose Cover For ResMed SlimLine S9/AirSense 10 Series CPAP Tubing


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ResMed custom hose cover for the SlimLine S9 Series Tubing. The tubing is made from insulated nylon material and zips up to wrap around the hose. Manufactured by ResMed. Tubing wrap designed specially to fit the smaller thinner ResMed SlimLine Tubing. Helps to prevent rainouts.

Custom S9 Series SlimLine Tubing Cover

Stellar Tubing Wrap

The S9 Series SlimLine Tubing Cover by ResMed is a top-notch piece of material that will wrap over the SlimLine tube and improve humidification and boost your overall experience as a result. The SlimLine tubing cover is made of nylon and will not cause irritation if it comes into contact with your face. To use, simply slide the cover over your tube and then zip it up to produce a secure fit. The SlimLine tubing cover will insulate air within the tube and prevent rainout; it will also help to prevent nasal congestion. The SlimLine tubing cover is extremely durable and should last a very long time with proper care and maintenance.


The S9 SlimLine tubing cover is designed specifically to fit over the SlimLine tubing. This tubing cover will also fit over the ClimateLine tubing; however, given that the ClimateLine tubing is approximately seven inches longer than the SlimLine tubing, this tubing wrap won't fully cover the ClimateLine.


  • Compatible with - but will not fully cover - the ClimateLine tubing
  • Designed to fit the smaller/thinner SlimLine tubing by ResMed
  • Zips up to securely fit around the tubing
  • Insulates air and prevents rainout
  • Improves general humidification
  • Composed of nylon material
  • Boosts overall sleep quality
  • Assists the H5i humidifier
  • Eases nasal congestion
  • Durable/long-lasting

S9 Series Essentials and SlimLine Tubing


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