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ResMed AirFit P30i Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask Starter Pack

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ResMed AirFit P30i Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask Starter PackResMed AirFit P30i Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask Starter PackResMed AirFit P30i Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask Starter Pack
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ResMed AirFit P30i Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask Starter Pack

63850, 63851

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AirFit P30i Nasal Pillow Mask - ResMed

The AirFit P30i is a nasal pillow mask with a top of the head tube design to give the active sleeper complete freedom of movement. This mask uses the same wide-open frame as the AirFit N30i. The nasal pillow cushions connect the two sides of a pliable SpringFit frame. The mask functions in any position with the tubing out of sight and out of the way. Additionally, it is compatible with any CPAP machine that uses a standard size CPAP hose. It does NOT work with the ResMed AirMini machine.


  • Stretchable frame

  • Top of the head elbow connection

  • Nasal pillows included with a nasal cushion option

Light as a feather

The nasal pillow mask has a discreet, minimalistic design and very few parts. A ring of silicone serves as the frame, headgear, and tubing to deliver CPAP air flow. The frame crosses the crown of the head like a headband, and two cylinders of smooth silicone tubing cross the cheeks. The integration of frame and headgear along with unobtrusive nasal pillows leaves the center of the face untouched.

For active sleepers

The P30i uses the same self-adjusting frame as the N30i. The tube at the top design keeps all parts of the mask stable regardless of the sleeping position. The frame uses accordion-type ribbing that conforms to the user’s head and facial features. A quick-release elbow promotes freedom of movement as well as quick connections and disconnections from your CPAP machine. Not only does the top of the head connection keep the tubing out of the way, but it also delivers CPAP air flow through to the nasal cushion. Air vents are located on the elbow to help air flow escape away from you and your partner for a quieter night’s rest. Soft side sleeves on the frame at the cheeks keep the feel extra smooth.

Interchangeable cushions

The nasal pillows on this mask provide a comfortable, effective, springy seal. Not only can users change pillow sizes in a snap, but they can also use the N30i nasal cradle cushion with the P30i mask. Similarly, the pillows can be used on the N30i frame. It’s a bit like getting two masks in one!

Sizing and Fitting

This mask comes in two frame sizes (small & standard), and the nasal pillows come in three sizes (small, medium, large). The small frame fits most women, and the standard size frame fits most men. Select the largest size nasal pillows that fit in the nostrils without being so large that they pop out. Nasal pillows should be snug but not crammed tightly into the nostrils.

Pro Tip: Size up from the small frame if it rests too close to the eyes. Size down from the standard frame if it is too close to the ears.

Fitting and adjusting

  1. Pull the headgear over your head, positioning the elbow at the crown of your head.

  2. Now place the nasal pillows under your nose.

  3. Make tiny adjustments to the headgear until the mask and pillows are comfortable.

  4. Squeeze the two side buttons on the quick release elbow at the top of the frame. Remove the elbow from the frame.

  5. Connect the hose from your CPAP machine to the elbow.

  6. Return the elbow to the top of the frame.

Troubleshooting leaks

  • Adjust the headgear to stabilize the cushion and seal the nasal pillows.

  • Tilt the top of the frame forward or backward to seal the nasal pillows.

  • Pull the nasal pillow away from the nose and face and reseat it.

  • Try a different size pillow cushion or a different size frame if leaks persist or require excessive tightening of the headgear.

Important: Air flows out of the vents in the cushion and elbow. Do not mistake this for a leak. Do not cover these ports.

Care of the mask

Recommended cleaning frequency

  • Daily: nasal pillows

  • Weekly: headgear and frame

Please note: the elbow and swivel do not detach from the mask frame.

Cleaning process

  1. Wash in warm soapy water using a mild dish soap.

  2. Rinse thoroughly in clean water.

  3. All parts should be air dried out of direct sunlight.

Important: Do not clean with products containing alcohol, scents, antibacterial agents, antiseptics, bleach, chlorine, or moisturizers. Do not soak any parts for more than 10 minutes.

In the Package

Standard Starter Pack

  • Standard Mask Frame with Elbow

  • Nasal Pillows - Small, Medium, Large

  • Headgear

  • User Instructions Booklet

  • Sizing Gauge Template

Small Starter Pack

  • Small Mask Frame with Elbow

  • Nasal Pillows: Small, Medium

  • Headgear

  • User Instructions Booklet

  • Sizing Gauge Template

Accessories and Replacement Parts

  • Headgear

  • Nasal Pillow Replacement

  • Nasal Mask Frame without Headgear

Composition Information

  • This product is not made with PVC or phthalates such as DEHP, DBP, or BBP.

  • This product is not made with natural rubber latex.

Operating Range 4 to 25 cmH20


How long will the AirFit P30i last?
All masks for CPAP need to have various parts replaced regularly. ResMed recommends that the nasal pillows should be replaced twice a month, the headgear every six months, and the air tubing every three months. Check the parts regularly for cracks or tears. The silicone cushion may get slightly discolored over time, but that is normal and not necessarily a sign it needs to be replaced.

Can I use nasal pillows or a nasal cushion from a different brand of mask with the P30i frame?
No. The AirFit P30i only fits the P30i nasal pillows and the N30i nasal cushion. Mixing and matching parts from different brands of masks is never a safe idea.

Final comments

The top of the head tube design lets you toss and turn, cuddle up to your partner, and sleep comfortably in any position. It’s an excellent mask for CPAP users who get a bit claustrophobic or who just want their CPAP equipment to stay out of the way. The cross-compatibility with the AirFit N30i under the nose nasal cushion adds a nice bit of value to the user. AirFit’s packaging options (small and large starter packs) are also quite patient-friendly. Order this mask from CPAPMan and enjoy hassle-free sleep therapy!



SKU: 1817
  Model63850, 63851
  HCPCS CodeA7034/A7035
  WeightStandard: 5.2 oz; Small: 4.9 oz
  Warranty90 days
  UPC Code00619498638512, 00619498638758

Standard Frame Starter Pack:
  • AirFit P30i Nasal Pillow Mask
  • 3 Cushions - Small, Medium, Large
  • Standard Headgear
  • User Guide

Small Frame Starter Pack:
  • AirFit P30i Nasal Pillow Mask with small frame
  • 2 Cushions in sizes Small, Medium
  • Standard Headgear 
  • User Guide
by William M Date Added: 08/15/2022

Subject: Seemed AirFit P30i Mask
This has become my go to mask. Very comfortable to wear. The swivel connection for the hose is great for sleepers who change positions during the night.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
by Candace M Date Added: 05/20/2020

Great mask and headgear. I like this mask. I was attracted to it by the position of the hose, and not having to cuddle with your hose like a teddy bear at night is so much better and comfortable. The hose isn't in your way and the face mask doesn't feel like you're wearing it at all.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
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