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Vyaire PURESOM Ruby CPAP Mask Chin Strap Fixed Size & AdjustableVyaire PURESOM Ruby CPAP Mask Chin Strap Fixed Size & AdjustableVyaire PURESOM Ruby CPAP Mask Chin Strap Fixed Size & AdjustableVyaire PURESOM Ruby CPAP Mask Chin Strap Fixed Size & Adjustable

Vyaire PURESOM Ruby CPAP Mask Chin Strap Fixed Size & Adjustable

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CPAP Chinstraps minimize or eliminate mouth leaks during CPAP therapy by holding your mouth closed during CPAP therapy.  Soft, comfortable neoprene material

Vyaire PURESOM Ruby Chin Strap - Adjustable and Standard

Superbly Designed Chin Strap
The PURESOM Ruby Chin Strap by Tiara Medical Systems is an exceptionally well-crafted, expertly engineered-piece of equipment that will help stabilize your mask and add comfort to your entire therapy experience. * There are the NONADJUSTABLE and the ADJUSTABLE so please select which one you need. The  Adjustable version chin strap is very easy to apply and is perfect for patients concerned about mouth breathing during sleep - this adjustable chin strap will make certain that your mouth stays closed throughout your therapy session.
The nonadjustable fits snuggly 

Comfortable and Easy Fitting
The PURESOM Ruby Adjustable Chin Strap comes with soft, Breathe-O-Prene material which will rest gently and comfortably against your head.  What's more, this Ruby chin strap boasts a unique three-point design which will further increase comfort and minimize pressure.

  • Small = 22" - 24"
  • Extra large = 26" to 28"


  • Adjustable Version adjusts at both the top of the head and the base of the neck
  • Three-point design promotes comfort and reduces pressure
  • Composed of soft and comfortable neoprene material
  • Perfect for users who wish to avoid mouth breathing
  • Available in standard and extra large
  • Velcro straps enable easy fitting
  • Minimizes mouth leaks
  • Please note there is the adjustable and nonadjustable version to choose from

Fitting Instruction

  1. Open up the chinstrap, so it is flat, and make sure the thin strap points towards the top of the head. The wider strap will be on the bottom.
  2. Pull the chin cup over the chin
  3. Close the top strap with the Velcro, adjust as needed
  4. Close the wide back strap (this is sitting on the back of your neck), adjust velcro as needed
  5. Your ears will sit in the ear cutouts

The design of this chinstrap may inadvertently push your jaw back as you tighten the velcro on the back of the neck. This may exacerbate your sleep apnea. If this occurs, we recommend trying a dual-band design chin strap such as the Knightsbridge chin strap.

Benefits of CPAP Chinstraps


1 x chin strap

John D
I love it , it works much better than others that I have bought
Judy S
The Ruby chin straps used to be excellent; they were soft, comfortable, and easily adjustable for a perfect fit. I don't know what happened to the quality, but the last one I ordered was not adjustable and way too small. I tried to cut this one and use the velcro extension piece I had from a previous Ruby chin strap that wore out but velcro does not adhere to this new one. I am very disappointed in the newest Ruby chin strap. Perhaps there is a different manufacturer? I don't know what happened to the quality, but I would like to get the old Ruby chin straps back.

Judy, I am so sorry to hear that! Please contact us so we can help rectify the issue for you.
RESPSHOP 866-936-3754
Theodore E (Verified Purchase)
I ordered a medium and thought it was too small. However, after several nights it has straight enough to no longer cause pain. First night I had to take it off about 4 hrs in. The night before last I went 9 hrs without irritation. Now my nose mask has to be loosened as it is now too tight. It keeps my mouth shut all night. I now have lots of water left in my Resperonics machine.
Tim D
Puresom Ruby Chin Strap
Purchased several for future use based on prior experience with this product. I find fixed size chin strap to perform better than adjustable style. Look forward to continued successful performance with these items.
Gary D
The medium was too small so exchanged for a large also way too small. The item seemed well made but made my head feel like it was in a vice. Too uncomfortable to keep so sent the large back also.
Ian F
Not Adjustable!!
One piece. Keeps my mouth shut. Too tight. Jaw pain. Feels like switch and bait.

The Ruby chin strap has two models. One is adjustable and one is not. You can get the adjustable in X-large.

I just bought the fixed ruby chin strap after having used the adjustable version for years. Based on the head measurements listed, I thought the large fixed might fit better than the adjustable version. I was so wrong. It fit like a tourniquet and I could barely pull it on let alone wear it. What a total waste of money.

Hi Judy, I am very sorry you are unhappy with this design. Please reach out to us and we can help provide a better option or a different size.

Vyaire PURESOM Ruby CPAP Mask Chin Strap Fixed Size & Adjustable
Great chin strap. This is my second one. Since it’s adjustable, I always get the perfect fit. Hope Cpapman stays in business a long time so I can keep on ordering from them.
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