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PURESOM Ruby Chin Strap Standard and Adjustable

By Vyaire  |  Item No.: TMS-09ADJ, TMS-09-ADJXL, TMS-09S, TMS-09M, TMS-09L
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PURESOM Ruby Chin Strap - Adjustable and Standard

Superbly Designed Chin Strap

The PURESOM Ruby Chin Strap by Tiara Medical Systems is an exceptionally well-crafted, expertly engineered piece of equipment which will help stabilize your mask and add comfort to your entire therapy experience. * There is the NON ADJUSTABLE and the ADJUSTABLE so please select which one you need. The  Adjustable version chin strap is very easy to apply and is perfect for patients concerned about mouth breathing during sleep - this adjustable chin strap will make certain that your mouth stays closed throughout your therapy session.
The non adjustable fits snuggly 

Comfortable and Easy Fitting

The PURESOM Ruby Adjustable Chin Strap comes with soft, Breathe-O-Prene material which will rest gently and comfortably against your head.  What's more, this Ruby chin strap boasts a unique three point design which will further increase comfort and minimize pressure.

  • Small = 23" - 25"
  • Medium = 25" to 27"
  • Large = 27" to 29"


  • Adjustable Version adjusts at both the top of the head and base of the neck
  • Three point design promotes comfort and reduces pressure
  • Composed of soft and comfortable neoprene material
  • Perfect for users who wish to avoid mouth breathing
  • Available in standard and extra large
  • Velcro straps enable easy fitting
  • Minimizes mouth leaks
  • Please note there is the adjustable and non adjustable version to chose from


Benefits of CPAP Chinstraps




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