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CPAP Mask Chinstrap Deluxe - Philips


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Chin Strap Deluxe by Philips Respironics

Versatile Chin Strap by PR

The Chin Strap Deluxe by Philips Respironics is a well-engineered, expertly crafted piece of equipment which will assist in stabilizing your mask headgear and increasing your overall comfort level throughout therapy. The Respironics Chin Strap Deluxe will keep your mouth closed during sleep, which will prevent leaks from developing and will protect against unwanted CPAP symptoms. A versatile device, the deluxe chin strap for sleep apnea is compatible with all CPAP masks.

Ideal for Mouth Breathers

One issue that can complicate sleep apnea therapy is mouth breathing. Not only do mouth breathers tend to develop dry mouth more frequently, they also tend to receive lower quality therapy overall. Mouth breathers require an artificial means to help keep their jaw shut during sleep - the deluxe chin strap for CPAP will ensure that your mouth stays closed during your therapy session.

Fitting Procedure

Achieving a comfortable, personalized fit with the sleep apnea Chin Strap Deluxe by Philips Respironics is remarkably easy - this chin strap includes two adjustment points, one on top and one on the back of the head, which allow patients to obtain a desirable fit with little hassle.


  • Works with all masks
  • Minimizes leaks and maximizes therapy effectiveness
  • Convenient alternative to full face masks
  • Ideal for mouth breathers
  • Two adjustment points
  • Personalized fit
  • Soft material


Are Chinstraps Right For You?




Matthew L (Verified Purchase)
I love this style of a chinstrap because it's extremely comfortable. It won't slip off during the night. It's extremely cool temperature wise some of the neoprene ones are thicker material holding in your body temperature. The thick ones made me sweat through the night and I was getting these little red bumps at the base of my neck. Extremely uncomfortable I have those things. Well with this white cotton cloth it stays cool and dry and there's no red bumps to deal with.
Antonio H
It had become apparent to me as a long time CPAP user that I needed a chin strap to keep my mouth closed. I purchased a cheap strap thru Amazon as a trial balloon. Found that the concept could work, but that the design of the strap was inadequate. So I looked for a better design, and found this one. It's actually engineered to keep the mouth closed, making use of a chin cradling design held in place by a designed angle approach. It works. It's comfortable, and I'm extremely satisfied.
Scott K
When I went to pick this up, the gal referred to it as "an Ace bandage for the head." I tried it once and tossed it in a drawer. Absurd.
Anna L
This strap really helps. I've tried others, but this has the stretch and flexibility to conform to my face and mask.
Diane W
I have been using this chin strap for only 2 weeks, and already it is pilling in a big way in the area that goes under my chin. I am female of normal size, but this chinstrap is too short to go around my head as pictured. So I must stretch it a lot to fit, which then causes a lot of pressure on the top of my head. Because the strap is so wide, it covers my ears (which is annoying and uncomfortable), and my cheeks---together with a nasal mask and its straps, there is no contact of my face with my pillow. I like to feel my cool pillow on my face; with this mask, that is not possible. I feel like a mummy with this strap on. Very uncomfortable. Wearing this strap makes me feel very claustrophobic. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, finding myself screaming and ripping the strap and the mask off. On a positive note, I think the strap does help to keep my mouth closed (or partly closed) as my mouth is not as dry as it gets without the chinstrap. The picture doesn't show the two straps that come with it, that go across the back of the head. Without using at least one of these, the mask quickly slid forward right off my head---I found it dangling on my CPAP hose!
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