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AirSense 10 CPAP ClimateLineAir Heated Tubing - ResMed

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Heated ClimateLineAir Tubing for AirSense 10

ResMed ClimateLineAir Tubing for Optimal Humidification

The ClimateLineAir tubing was developed by ResMed specifically for the AirSense 10 CPAP machines. This is a different set of tubing from the ClimateLine which was made for the S9. These tubes are not interchangeable for their respective machines. The ClimateLineAir tubing is heated. This works in conjunction with the built-in humidifier, offering optimal humidification. The humidifier helps protect the patient from common side effects like congestion and dryness.

Exclusive for AirSense 10

This ResMed Climateline Tubing has been engineered to work only with the AirSense 10 CPAP machines. It is important not to confuse this with the ClimateLine tubing which is specifically engineered for the S9 series. These are separate tubes that work for separate machines and are NOT interchangeable.

Heated Tubing

The Climateline heated tubing was engineered to deliver humidified air to the user. The tubing is heated and works with the integrated HumidAir humidifier and Climate Control technology to deliver the best possible humidification available on the market.

Reduces Side Effects

Humidification is very important in reducing the side effects patients face when using a CPAP machine. The humidification helps reduce symptoms like nasal irritation, dry mouth, and congestion.


  • Exclusive with AirSense 10
  • Heated Tubing for Humidification
  • Reduces Side Effects



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much better than the slimline tube
the slimline tube works but the climatelineair is a must have for humidification. the tube itself feels better and as intended keeps less moisture from collecting in the tube
Geoff E
Gets its job done during my sleep. It works perfectly with my airsense 10. I prefer this climateline air over the slimline tubing.
Jerry G
AirSense 10 CPAP ClimateLineAir Heated Tubing - ResMed. REVIEW
I love the tubing. It fits my machine and mask perfectly. It was easy to order from CPAPman.
howard s
CPAP 10 climate line Air heated tubing
Performs poorly. In the past I had A Phillips CPAp with heated tubing that got warm & it prevented condensation in the tube. This Air Sense version barely works; I still suffer a dry mouth.
It has been adjusted to max tube temp
but even at that I cannot feel the tube as warm. The Phillips heating tube had easily discerned heating with s warm to touch tube. I am definitely not happy with this device!

I am sorry to hear you are having condensation issues with your climatelineair tubing. There is a fine dance between humidifcation level, tube temp and room temperature to prevent this. Please call in and speak to one of our medical team members and we will be happy to assist you.

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Question I’ve been using the same tube with my AirSense 10 cpap machine for the past few years, for which I keep all the parts nice and clean, but I’m starting to feel like my air that I breath in when I lay down at night is a little congested, like smoggy air. It doesn’t feel like light, fresh clean air. Do I need to get a new machine to correct this problem, or do I just need to change to this new ClimateLineAir heated tubing?
Tubing, filter, mask, and humidifier are things we would check first. Clean them with warm soap water and replace the filter. If the things stay the same after cleaning/filter replacement, you may have to replace the machine - the airway in the machine may build up the dust over time.
Posted: 03/19/2021
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