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Fisher & Paykel Evora Nasal CPAP Mask

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Fisher & Paykel Evora Nasal CPAP MaskFisher & Paykel Evora Nasal CPAP MaskFisher & Paykel Evora Nasal CPAP MaskFisher & Paykel Evora Nasal CPAP MaskFisher & Paykel Evora Nasal CPAP MaskFisher & Paykel Evora Nasal CPAP MaskFisher & Paykel Evora Nasal CPAP MaskFisher & Paykel Evora Nasal CPAP MaskFisher & Paykel Evora Nasal CPAP MaskFisher & Paykel Evora Nasal CPAP MaskFisher & Paykel Evora Nasal CPAP Mask

Fisher & Paykel Evora Nasal CPAP Mask



New product! Intuitive design!

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The New Fisher & Paykel Evora Nasal Mask

The Evora nasal mask from Fisher & Paykel is an astonishingly simple to fit ultra-minimalist CPAP mask. The Evora’s nasal cushion envelops the nostrils and the tip of the nose but does not rest inside the nostrils like nasal pillows or impinge on the bridge of the nose like a traditional nasal cushion. Soft, yet rigid, headgear slides down over the head just as if you are donning a baseball cap.

Evora is a compact nasal CPAP mask that sits comfortably under the nose. Evora mask not only provides a quiet and comfortable nights sleep, but also allows you the freedom to move with it's discrete and lightweight design. It's so simple, 98% of trial participants could successfully put on and take off the Evora at night or bathroom breaks.*

This mask is compatible with all CPAP Machines excluding the ResMed AirMini Travel Device. 

Designed with dynamic support

The Evora’s hybrid nasal cushion covers the nostrils and the tip of the nose. Wings on both sides of the cushion wrap around the edges of the nose, allowing the seal to flex comfortably with you. The wings stabilize the fit of the nasal cradle cushion as you move in your sleep. Consequently, you get a soft yet stable fit. A flexible tube at the base of the cushion connects to your machine circuit, adding another element of stability to the mask. 

Zero learning curve  & Stability Wings

Everyone can get going quickly with the Evora. The one size fits all headgear resembles the chassis of a baseball cap. The user intuitively pulls the headgear on like a cap and slides the nasal cushion into place. The headgear adjusts across the crown of the head with locking holes just like you would expect when fitting a baseball cap. Velcro straps secure the Evora across the right and left cheeks. Taking a CPAP mask off and on in the dark of night has never been easier.

Easy on the eyes, ears. and face

With the Evora mask, the delicate bridge of the nose is untouched, and vision is entirely unobstructed. The headgear contacts only the cheeks. The headgear is stiffer than most CPAP headgear but has a colorful, smooth, and soft fabric exterior. The engineers at Fisher & Paykel have also baked in technology to the headgear that minimizes red marks on the face. Radial exhaust holes drilled into the frame silence exhaled air flow so that you and your partner are not bothered by noise or draft.  


  • Freedom to move
  • Simple, one-size CapFit Headgear for simple and intuitive fit  
  • Soft-knit fabric headgear to avoid marks on the face
  • Compact high quality floating seal for optimal comfort and efficiency
  • Gentle mask exhaust minimizing partner disturbance

Sizing and Fitting  

  • The Evora headgear is one size fits all.
  • The nasal seal comes in small, medium, large, and wide
    • The best-fitting cushion covers the nostrils and sits to the sides of the nose but not against the edges of the nostrils
    • Use a sizing guide to determine the best nasal seal size
  • The Evora side straps should sit just above the ears
    • Adjust the crown strap to position the side straps appropriately
    • Evenly adjust the side straps to secure the cushion securely but comfortably at the nose

If leaks persist, gently lift the nasal seal (cushion) away from the nose and then return it to position. Often reseating the cushion removes crimps in the silicone and allows the cushion to reseal against the face.

*43 out of 44 trial participants were able to put on and take off the F&P Evora mask, once fitted in the dark. F&P internal study conducted in USA 2019.


How tight should the headgear be?
The headgear should be just snug enough to hold the mask in place, but not so snug it hurts. The side straps should sit just above the ears but should not touch them. Adjust the crown strap to get the side straps positioned correctly. 

Should my entire nose sit inside the nasal cushion?
No, unlike nasal pillows, your nose should not be inside the cushion. The nasal cushion on the Evora should cradle the lower half of your nose and come around the sides.

Can I wash the mask in the dishwasher?
According to the manual, no parts can safely be washed in the dishwasher. Clean all parts in lukewarm soapy water and let them air dry away from direct sunlight. Mild dish soap is an excellent choice for cleaning the Evora. Do not clean with products containing alcohol, scents, antibacterial agents, antiseptics, bleach, chlorine, or moisturizers. Wash the headgear weekly and wash the cushion (seal), frame, swivel, and the flexible tube daily.  

SKU: 1891
  HCPCS CodeA7034, A7035
  Pressure Range4 to 25 cmH20
  Extra FeaturesPressure level 4-25 cm H20
  Warranty30 days

For the size you choose you will get:
1 x Evora Headgear 
1 x Evora Nasal cushion (seal) of your choice of size - Small, Medium, Large or Wide
1 x Evora Flexible Mask Tubing (compatible with all CPAP machines except ResMed Airmini)

For Fit-Pack you will get:
1 x Evora Headgear
3 x Evora Nasal Cushion (Small, Medium, and Large)
1 x Evora Flexible Mask Tubing

by Karen T Date Added: 08/22/2020

I really like the mask and the head gear is very comfortable and easy to use. It does go on like a baseball cap which is much more comfortable than other head gear. The only negative I have to say is that the air still blows out into my eyes from the Nasal pillow which is why I prefer the nasal pillows that insert into the nostrils. When my nose gets irritated, this is a good relief night mask. I do not always use the same mask every night to give my nose and my masks a chance to rest. This mask is a good value at the price.

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Q: How do I stop my Evora Nassel mask from leaking when I sleep on my side? Never a problem when I sleep on my back. (Asked on 04/29/2021)
HI, I would down size my mask if possible and that should help. thank you
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