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AirFit N30 Nasal Cradle CPAP Mask - ResMedAirFit N30 Nasal Cradle CPAP Mask - ResMedAirFit N30 Nasal Cradle CPAP Mask - ResMedAirFit N30 Nasal Cradle CPAP Mask - ResMedAirFit N30 Nasal Cradle CPAP Mask - ResMed

AirFit N30 Nasal Cradle CPAP Mask - ResMed

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AirFit N30 CPAP Mask - ResMed

The ResMed AirFit N30 nasal cradle mask for CPAP is the lightest mask yet from ResMed, weighing in at just under two ounces. The AirFit N30’s nasal cushion sits under the nose, cradling the front and side of the nostrils. The cushion rises to the tip of the nose, but unlike nasal pillows, the cushion does not fit inside the nostrils. The AirFit N30’s QuickFit headgear goes on like swimming goggles. The mask is designed to work right out of the package with little need for adjusting once it slips in place.


  • Slips on and off with ease
  • Astonishingly lightweight
  • Quiet and unobtrusive

Grab and go

Just place the nasal cradle cushion under the nose and slip the headband behind your head. Getting the mask on is really that simple. The QuickFit headgear has one strap with split bands. The headgear has just enough elasticity to keep it secure without much tightening. The headgear only has one point of adjustment, a buckle on the head strap, and that one is enough. The headgear is a bit thicker and stiffer as it comes across the face to give the mask a stable fit. It thins out and becomes more elastic as it goes behind the head. The mask can be pulled down and dangled around the neck or removed in just one step if you need a quick break.

Curved cushion maintains seal regardless of position

The crescent moon-shaped nasal cradle cushion nestles under the nostrils. The edges bend around the sides of the lower nose. The cushion is very soft and pliant, conforming itself to your facial structure and keeping skin irritation and red marks at bay. The nasal cradle has a narrow profile, so it is not in the way of side sleeping. The right and left sides of the cushion curve and thicken just enough to act as bumper guards, so your face is never pressed against what little plastic there is on the sides of the frame. The silicone is deliberately thinner against the nostrils and nasal septum.

QuietAir Vent Technology - Mask Frame 

The N30 Mask Frame allows you to choose any size cushion and headgear replacement is easy as well. The AirFit N30 frame has a soft yet flexible tube that connects with a swivel to your CPAP Hose, making it even easier to turn in bed. The N30 Mask Frame also features QuietAir vent technology that helps keep the mask quiet while diffusing the vented exhaled air away from you. 

Simple, discreet, and flexible

The headgear has minimal contact with the face, and the nasal cradle itself does not rise past the tip of the nose. Wearing glasses, watching TV, and reading are trouble-free. Vision is unobstructed at all angles. The AirFit N30 frame includes a soft flexible length of tubing that hangs straight down from the mask. The flexible tubing connects with a swivel to the CPAP tubing. The flexible tubing extension helps the mask move with you and stay in place when you turn your head in any direction. QuietAir vent technology keeps the mask quiet, with diffused venting that breaks up exhaled air.

Sizing and fitting

Careful sizing of the nasal cushion is essential to attain the full benefits of all the features this mask offers. The ResMed N30 comes in small, medium, and small-wide. The cushion size is determined by the length and width of your nose. ResMed has a size guide to select the best cushion size for your face.

Fitting and adjusting

  1. Hold the nasal cradle under your nose.
  2. Pull the head strap over the head.
  3. Adjust the split band elastic head strap to get a comfortable fit.
  4. Adjust the side clip to change the length of the headgear to correct for leaks.
  5. Attach the flexible tubing on the mask frame to your CPAP equipment.

Pro Tip: Move the split band head straps farther apart or closer together to alter the angle of the nasal cradle cushion around the nose.

Troubleshooting leak

  1. Pull the nasal cradle away from the nose briefly then return it. This reseating action lets the cushion reseal itself.
  2. Use the side clip to change the length of the headgear.

Important: Air flows out of the vents around the tube connection. Do not mistake this for a leak. Do not cover these ports.

Care of the mask


Recommended cleaning frequency

  • Daily: cushion
  • Weekly: headgear and mask frame

Cleaning process

  1. Soak in warm water with a mild liquid soap.
  2. Use a soft bristle brush to clean the inside and outside of the cushion.
  3. Use a soft bristle brush to remove debris at the vent holes.
  4. Thoroughly rinse the components under running water.
  5. Air dry away from direct sunlight.

Important: Do not clean with products containing alcohol, scents, antibacterial agents, antiseptics, bleach, chlorine, or moisturizers. Do not soak any parts for more than 10 minutes.

Replacement parts


Which side of the headgear should face outward?
The solid gray side should face out. The inside is gray with a blue stripe.

How do I orient the nasal cradle?
The nasal cradle cushion has a notch that lines up with a notch on the frame. The cushion also has a small L and R printed on the bottom to help orient it with the left and right nostrils.
Pro Tip: Pinch one side of the cushion and pull it towards you for easy disassembly for cleaning.

My CPAP machine does not have a nasal cradle setting. What should I choose?
Select the nasal pillows setting on your CPAP machine.

Final Comments

The AirFit N30 is ResMed’s latest lightweight, minimalist, simple-to-use mask. It really is a simple mask to put on. The AirFit N30 goes on like swim goggles, but it does not feel nearly as snug as goggles. The headgear feels loose, but the mask stays in place while vigorously shaking your head up and down and side to side. The flexible tubing does give a bit of a downward tug when sitting up, but the cushion stays sealed and the tug vanishes once you lay down. Side sleeping is excellent due to the combination of the narrow profile of the cushion and the bumper guards on the sides. If you breathe mostly through your nose and have found other minimalist masks to be not quite minimalist enough, the AirFit N30 may be just what you have been waiting for!

Really, the ease of putting the AirFit N30 on is astonishing, and it’s barely noticeable once it is on. Order one from CPAPman today and experience the breathtaking simplicity of the AirFit N30!

64222, 64223, 64224
  1. ResMed AirFit N30 Headgear
  2. ResMed AirFit N30 Nasal Cradle Cushion
  3. ResMed AirFit N30 Frame with Flexible Tubing and Swivel Adapter
  4. Sizing Gauge Template
  5. User Guide
John B (Verified Purchase)
So far the best I have worn. I have been using the nasal pillow mask for years and fighting leakage the whole time. I have had this set-up for about six weeks and have had high scores from res-med the whole time with small amounts of leakage
Andrew R (Verified Purchase)
nasal cradle
comfortable, very easy to attach to my existing tubing, lasts longer than anticipated- I changed mine after 6 months.
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Question How do I know which size to order?
Hi Dan, here is the sizing gauge. You will need to print it off, cut it out and fit it under your nose to determine correct size cushion.
Posted: 06/09/2021
Question I presently use Respironics DreamWear undernose small head gear. For months I have had a bad rash. I have tried with and without the side velvet? "cousins and can"t stop it. Have treated with Cortizone-10 to no avail.
Dose the Air-fit n30 not scrub your face as much?
I have worn this mask I would say 5 years and replace it about every 2 months and always clean.
That is unfortunate. The N30 design will be more cloth vs silicone on your face so that may help. Be sure you are not having any water in your tube or mask as that can cause irritation. If so, adjust your humidifier and get a heated tube.
Posted: 11/28/2022
Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 questions)
Result Pages:  1 
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