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AirMini CPAP 65w DC/DC Converter - ResMedAirMini CPAP 65w DC/DC Converter - ResMedAirMini CPAP 65w DC/DC Converter - ResMed

AirMini CPAP 65w DC/DC Converter - ResMed

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The AirMini DC/DC Converter 65W allows the patient to operate their machine from a vehicle cigarette lighter socket (12V or 24V DC power source) in a car, boat, or other vehicle equipped with a suitable battery.


The AirMini DC/DC Converter 65W is specifically for use with the AirMini machine

Altitude Adjustment
Sea level to 8,500 ft (2,591m); air pressure range 1013 hPa (1013 cmH2O) to 738 hPa (738 cmH2O)
1 Year
DC Power
Fuse rating 12A/250V Fuse type Slow blow, high breaking capacity Input 12V/24V 8/4A Output 24V 2.71A
(connector to connector) 9.8 ft (3 m)
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On sale now with 20th discount and I need help from a salesperson to buy the RES MED portable and everything else that I should need.

I would like to buy it now with the Black Friday Discount Code: BFCM23
I need to know what I have to send you.
My Neurologist Dr. Noel Totti 787 758 2000, normally sends to the Medicare and Advantage supplier in Puerto Rico the Prescription directly to CMS (787 620-3349. They have this information on file.

Advantage- Medicare send me every three-month tubing and mask, so I do not need to buy except the adapter mentioned on the visual and the adapter for the Humidifier.

Please contact me asap:

I want to make sure I buy all I need.
My name is Mari Borrero Bou mobile 939 940 6650,
I have sent you a response to your email. Please refer to your last email for my response. Have a great day!
Posted: 11/24/2023
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