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CPAP Machine Rental

CPAP Machine Rental

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CPAP Machine Rental

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Do you need a CPAP machine quickly? Are you not ready to make a purchase? For the convenience of our customers, CPAPMan offers 35-day rentals of our high-quality CPAP machines. These automatic CPAP devices can be used with a humidifier, saving you the trouble and expense of having to buy the CPAP machine or humidifier. A rental CPAP machine is a great choice if you’re going on vacation, need a quick replacement while you shop for a new device, or if your current machine is getting serviced or repaired. Renting a CPAP machine is the ideal way to test a device, such as to compare an automatic CPAP with a fixed pressure or bi-level CPAP. We have all 3 types available as rentals. Rent a CPAP machine while you look for a more permanent solution.

  • 35-Day Rental Program – Convenient 5-week rental period
  • Choice of CPAP Type – Travel CPAP rental, Fixed pressure and bi-level CPAP rentals are also available
  • Sanitary Equipment – We thoroughly clean all equipment and sanitize all CPAP machines and humidifiers with the latest oxygen cleaning technology. Every machine includes new tubes and filters.
  • Easy Return and Refundable Deposit – Every CPAP rental includes an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). After the equipment is returned to us, your deposit will be immediately refunded.


Three Diffrent Models

Machine Type Cost Refundable Deposit Charge During Checkout
Fixed Pressure $119 $250 $369
Travel Auto* $169 $350 $519
Regular Auto $149 $350 $499
BiPAP/BiLevel/VPAP $199 $450 $649

* Travel Auto: including a Trancend Auto CPAP, plus a multinight battery (P8 model) and charger.

Return Shipping Instructions

CPAPMan covers the return shipping cost. All CPAP rentals include a paid UPS return shipping label. For deposit refund, the shipment must include the CPAP machine, humidifier, travel bag and any power adapters. Customers should remove and either keep or dispose of the tube and filter.


Rental Policy

  • The 35-day CPAP rental period begins the day after your purchase.
  • We will send 1 sanitized machine, 1 new span of tubing and 1 new filter.
  • Starting the day after the purchase, you will have 35 days to use and return the machine.
  • If we do not receive the machine back on the 35th day of the rental period, we will apply an additional charge of 80 percent of the machine’s retail value minus the $250 deposit.
  • You can purchase additional rental periods to extend the trial, with no additional deposit.
  • A prescription is required for all CPAP rentals. Let us know if you have previously purchased a CPAP machine from CPAPMan, as we might have your prescription on file. If not, fax it to 1-866-936-3730 or send by email to [email protected]. We must have your prescription on file before we can ship the rental unit.
  • Customers who have rented a CPAP machine are not eligible for our mask assurance return program on any CPAP mask purchase.