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Breas Z2 Auto Travel CPAPBreas Z2 Auto Travel CPAPBreas Z2 Auto Travel CPAP

Breas Z2 Auto Travel CPAP


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Z2 Auto CPAP for Travel – Breas

The Z2 from Breasputs AutoPAP therapy into a 10.5-ounce portable unit engineered for travel. Lighter, quieter, and smaller than Breas’s Z1 CPAP machine, the Z2 connects to any standard CPAP mask. Pressure ramp, expiratory pressure release, and an intelligent breath sampling algorithm for auto-adjusting CPAP therapy ensure the sleep apnea user receives high-performing auto CPAP therapy all night long. The Z2 works with a heat-moisture exchanger to provide waterless humidification. Bluetooth connectivity sends data wirelessly to the NiteLog mobile application. Integrate the Z2 with the optional PowerShell and its extended-life battery to get at least 9 hours of cord-free sleep.


  • AutoCPAP and fixed-level CPAP modes
  • Works with any standard mask and CPAP tube
  • Heat-moisture exchanger for waterless humidity
  • Ramp feature and Z-Breathe breath cycle smoothing
  • Optional integrated battery power pack

Fits in the hand

The Z2 weighs a mere 10.5 ounces and measures 6.48” x 3.30” x 2.2”. It fits comfortably in the hand and slips easily into a purse or carry-on bag. The Z2 comes with the four-foot long Slim Style tubing to further reduce bulk when packing. The Slim Style tube is also available in a six-foot length. Proprietary tubing is not required, though, and you can choose to pack along any standard tubing instead. The Z2 connects to any standard CPAP mask, so just put your preferred mask into your luggage. Breas has validated the Z2 for use with heat-moisture exchangers (HME). Waterless humidification via an HME reduces the footprint of the system while ensuring the user avoids complications of excessively dry airflow during sleep therapy.

Engineered for quiet, comfort, and performance

The Z2’s auto-adjusting algorithm for auto PAP therapy samples breath patterns several times a second to continually verify the pressure is correctly set. The auto start-stop feature initiates flow from the Z2 when a breath is detected after the mask is put on and terminates therapy when the Z2 detects mask removal at the end of therapy. When Ramp is toggled on, the pressure from the Z2 starts out low at the beginning of bedtime and gradually rises over a preset time. Z-Breathe is Breas’s proprietary algorithm to smooth out spikes in pressure during exhalation. Z-Breathe can be set for mild, moderate, or aggressive pressure relief.

The Z2 is quieter than the Z1 due to motor changes. The addition of the Qtube inline muffler reduces dynamic and static noise at the device and within the mask. The Qtube contains foam baffling and connects downstream to the CPAP tubing near the machine itself. Included Bluetooth connectivity delivers data to the NiteLog Mobile app on your iOS or Android smartphone. Use this data for yourself or share it with your care team.

Go off the grid

The FAA-compliant Z2 automatically adjusts for altitude changes and is cleared for use on airplanes when Bluetooth is turned off. The on-screen display gives you access to every needed setting. It is not necessary to connect to a smartphone app to control or adjust the Z2. When traveling abroad, the power supply automatically corrects the voltage as needed. Just pack in the proper power supply connector for the country you are visiting. The optional PowerShell with its extended battery pack holds the battery and Z2 in a compact Neoprene sleeve for cord-free therapy lasting 8.9 hours or longer depending on device settings.

Set-Up and Maintenance

Routine maintenance and cleaning are critical contributors to successful sleep therapy and satisfaction with the device.


Air filter

  • Remove the end cap and inspect the filter weekly for debris, tears, and blockages.
  • Replace every month or sooner if there are debris, tears, or blockages.
  • The filter should not be cleaned.

Cleaning recommendations

  • Daily: CPAP tube and Qtube and Qtube foam insert
  • As needed: Z2 device exterior
Device cleaning

Note: the device itself must NEVER be submerged in water

  • Wipe with a soft, damp cloth.
  • Wipe dry.

Part cleaning

  • Remove the foam insert from the Qtube.
  • Wash the foam insert, Qtube, and CPAP tube in warm, soapy water using mild dish soap.
  • Do not soak for more than 10 minutes.
  • Air dry all parts.
  • The foam insert should be completely dry before reinsertion into the Qtube.


Where does the Qtube go, and what does it do?
The Qtube is a muffler to reduce acoustic noise. One end of an 8-inch piece of tubing attaches to the air outlet on the Z2 and the Qtube connects to the other end of the tubing. The main CPAP tube then connects to the other side of the Qtube. The Qtube contains foam baffling material. The foam should be cleaned and dried between uses.

What is a heat moisture exchanger, and where does it go?
Heat-moisture exchangers (HME) are sometimes called artificial noses. An HME collects water vapor from exhaled breaths. On inspiration, airflow from the machine travels through the HME and picks up the “stored” humidity. The HME fits between the mask and the CPAP tubing. The larger end of the HME connects to the mask, and the smaller side goes to the tubing.

Seal the HME in a bag between uses, so it does not dry out. Discard it after seven days, sooner if it gets dirty, or is not providing enough humidification any longer.

Final CPAPMan Comments

The Z2 with the PowerSleeve battery lets you camp out and sleep great anywhere. With a heat moisture exchanger, you do not even need to carry distilled water to enjoy humidified airflow. The Z2 is one of the absolute smallest portable AutoCPAP units around today. Its included Slim Style tube keeps packing light but the Z2’s compatibility with standard tubing and any standard CPAP mask is a big win for the user too. Order a Z2 with the PowerSleeve from CPAPMan and get ready to hit the trails!

E0601, A7037, A7038
Machine Weight
10.4 oz
Machine Weight with Humidifier
Machine Size Only
6.48” X 3.30” X 2.02”
Machine Size with Humidifier
Humidification System
Waterless HME (heat moisture exchanger)
Integrated Heated Hose
Humidifier Settings
Water Chamber Capacity
Pressure Range
4-20 cm H2O
Pressure Relief
Z-Breathe 1 to 3
Set Time 5-45 mins
Starting Ramp Pressure
4 cm H2O default
AC Input
100-240V, 50-60Hz
AC Power Supply
Power Cord Length
6 ft
DC Converter
Battery Option
Supports Remote Monitoring
No (Data download and bluetooth only)
Data Download
Yes via USB port to Breas Dataviewer PC Software
SD Card Included
AHI Display
App, PC software
FAA Approved
Altitude Adjustment
Automatic up to 8000 ft
Oxygen Use
Not recommended
Oximetry Compatibility
Compatible with All Masks
2 Year Manufacturer
Sound Level
26 dBA
Carrying Case
Yes; available separately
Black and gray
Expected Service Life
5 years
Disposable filter (2 included)
Operating Modes
Auto Start/Stop
Leak Compensation
DC Power
PowerShell Optional
6.48 x 3.30 x 2.02 in.
Waterless - Heat and Moisture Exchanger capsule
Power Consumption
20W (30VA)
Ramp Time
0-45 minutes
Smartphone App
Breas Nitelog app (iOS/Android)
UPC Code
10.4 oz.

Z2 Auto Travel CPAP

  • Z2 Auto CPAP 
  • Tube Adapter
  • 4-foot Slim Style Tubing
  • Heat Moisture Exchange Unit
  • Q-Tube in-line Muffler Kit
  • 2 x Disposable Filters
  • USB Cable
  • AC Power Supply and Power Cord
  • User Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
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