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Z1 Travel CPAP AC Power Supply (100-240V) - Breas

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Power supply for the Z1 Travel CPAP Machine, the smallest CPAP machine available on the market.

Wall AC Power Supply for the Z1

Travel-Friendly Power Supply

The AC Power Supply for the Z1 Travel CPAP Machine by Breas is a convenient, handy power accessory that keeps your Z1 device charged in both domestic and international environments. At just a little over six ounces, this power supply is lightweight, easy to carry, and will fit neatly inside most travel bags and suitcases.

Compatibility Data

This power supply is designed specifically for the Z1 travel CPAP machine by Breas and will not work with other machines; in order to ensure that your Z1 device is not damaged it is advised that you not use other power supplies with the Z1. This power device plugs into standard domestic AC wall outlets quickly and easily; in international contexts you may need to procure an adapter in order to plug into wall outlets.


  • Designed specifically for the Z1 series by Human Design Medical
  • May require an adapter to work in international contexts
  • Other power supplies should not be used with the Z1
  • Dimensions - 3.75 inches x 1.75 inches x 1.25 inches
  • Weight (without cord) - approximately 6.34 oz.
  • Plugs into AC wall power socket
  • Voltage range 100V - 240V
  • Travel friendly


The Z1 Portable CPAP Device by Breas




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Question I have lost the power supply for my Breas Z2 travel cpap machine. I have plans to go to visit family next month and I would really like to take the Z2 with me to use as it is so much easier than packing up my other CPAP. Do you have the Breas Z2 power supply in stock?
Yes, the travel cpaps are just so convenient when leaving home. We do have the Breas Z2 AC power supply in stock and ready to ship. Give us a call and we will be happy to create an order for you.
Posted: 08/08/2023
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