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Z1 Tube Adapter

Z1 Tube Adapter

Z1 Tube Adapter


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Tubing adapter for the Z1/Z2 Travel CPAP Machine from HDM, the smallest CPAP machine on the market.

Replacement Tubing Adapter for the Z1/Z2 CPAP Device

Connect Your Tubing with a New Adapter

In order for your Z1/Z2 CPAP machine by Human Design Medical (HDM) to function properly, you not only need adequate tubing, you also need a workable tubing adapter to connect your tubing to your CPAP device. The HDM Z1/Z2 Outlet Coupler Tubing Adapter is an affordable replacement should your adapter suffer damage or require replacement for any other reason. The tubing adapter attaches to the rear of the CPAP device between the air outlet port and the tubing; it is imperative that you only use your CPAP device with a functional adapter in order to ensure that your device works correctly.

Z1/Z2 Tube Adapter Features

  • The tubing oxygen adapter for CPAPs enables the Z1/Z2 CPAP device to connect to the tubing
  • Compatible with both standard (22mm) and Slim-Style (15mm) tubing

SKU: 1319
  Dimensions3 X 1.3 X 1.3 inches
  Weight1 ounce
  UPC Code00859477004086

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