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CPAP Humidifiers

CPAP Humidifiers are used to add moisture in the air that is delivered to your airway while you sleep. For Apnea patients who choose not to use a heated humidifier, they might find that they wake up with a dry throat, mouth, and in their nostrils. They also might be experiencing allergy type symptoms. Using a CPAP humidifier can help reduce dryness and skin irritation as well as those allergy type symptoms.

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There are two types of humidifiers to consider.

Heated CPAP Humidifier: This type of humidifier uses a heated chamber of water that helps generate moisture that is passed through the tubing along with the air flow that goes into your month.

Passover CPAP Humidifiers: The Passover (or Passive) CPAP humidifier is a stand alone unit that connects with the CPAP machine using a short piece of tubing. These CPAP humidifiers generally do not generate as much moisture as the heated humidifiers do.

Maintaining a CPAP Humidifier

It is recommended that you use distilled water to reduce mineral deposits and to maximize the life of your CPAP humidifier. To was your water tub or (water chamber) you should use warm water with a mild soap. Thoroughly rinse with clean water and allow the humidifier to sit in a drying rake until it's dry. Try to avoid leaving it in direct sunlight as the heat could have a negative effect.

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