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Machine Knob For Philips PR CPAP Machines

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Turning Knob for REMstar Machines

Essential Facts

The Machine Knob for 50 Series and 60 Series REMstar Machines by Philips Respironics is a straightforward device which turns your machine on and off and also adjusts your settings. This machine knob is remarkably easy to install and incredibly simple to use. Without a knob your machine is essentially useless so this replacement item performs a vital function in your therapy system.

Knob Variations

The machine knob is available in two distinct variations: light gray and dark gray. These knobs have different compatibilities: the light gray knob works with 50 series while the dark gray variation works with 60 series devices. They also have distinct morphologies: light gray knob has a clear plastic rim around the edge and smooth sides; the dark gray knob has a silver inlay around the rim and ridged sides which allow for superior grip.


These two variations work with the 50 series REMstar machines and 60 series REMstar machines by Philips Respironics. These knobs will work with both CPAP and Bi-Level devices. The machine knob will not function correctly with other machines by Philips Respironics or disparate manufacturers.


  • Comes in two variations - light gray (50 series) and dark gray (60 series)
  • Turns 50 and 60 series machines on and off and adjusts settings
  • Incompatible with machines by different manufacturers
  • High quality replacement knob
  • Intuitive and straightforward
  • Includes one turning knob
  • Easy to attach and use

Instructions for Cleaning the 60 Series Machine by Philips Respironics


1064787, 1099581
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