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Circadiance SleepWeaver 3D Nasal CPAP Mask without Headgear

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Circadiance SleepWeaver 3D Nasal CPAP Mask without Headgear


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SleepWeaver 3D Nasal CPAP Mask - Without Headgear

The unique design of the SleepWeaver 3D makes this mask super comfortable. From the soft, skin friendly fabric to the easy to fit design, you will love how the mask feels. 

Minimal Design 

The SleepWeaver 3D comes in one size, this size will fit most people. The minimal design makes it easy to wear glasses, read or watch TV before sleeping, as there is no bulky hardware or headgear obstructing your face. 

Skin Friendly and Breathable 

If you have skin irritations from other types of masks then this is a good option for you. The mask is made of ultra light cooling fabric, which helps the mask to be breathable and aissits in keeping your skin dry.
You may find issues with fogging when using traditional hard plastic masks, however you will not experience this with the cloth design. 


You will find the mask is very flexible and lightweight due to not having silicone cushions or hard plastic frames. The flexibilty assists the mask to bend and seal to many face types. 

Swivel Elbow 

The elbow on the mask moves 360 degrees, which allows the hose to move with you when changing positions throughout the night.


  • Light 
  • Soft 
  • Easy to fit 
  • Compatiable with most CPAP machines 
  • Skin Friendly 

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SleepWeaver 3D mask without Headgear
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