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Fisher & Paykel FlexiFit HC407A Nasal CPAP Mask

By Fisher & Paykel  |  Item No.: HC407A
Price   $115.00  $62.00


FlexiFit Nasal CPAP Mask Complete Set

Top Notch CPAP Nasal Mask

The FlexiFit HC407A Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear is a high quality sleep apnea mask equipped with a range of impressive features. The FlexiFit 407 nasal mask has a special glider strap to protect against leakage, a comfortable dual layered cushion, multiple exhalation ports and other assets as well.

Dual Layered Cushion

The FlexiFit 407 nasal mask comes with a dual layered cushion made of silicone. The cushion for the FlexiFit 407 nasal mask is designed to conform to the specific features of your face and will provide an overall comfortable experience. This cushion only comes in one size and is intended to fit a wide variety of facial structures and sizes.

Special Glider Strap

The glider strap connects the headgear to the mask frame. The glider strap ensures that pressure is distributed evenly across your face so you'll receive higher quality therapy. The glider strap is designed to accommodate movement during sleep so you're free to toss and turn at will.

Superior Ventilation

The FlexiFit 407 nasal mask represents an improvement over previous models in the area of ventilation: the FlexiFit 407 comes with multiple exhalation holes which are aligned strategically so as to prevent noise and channel air away from you and your bed partner. Thus, the exhalation ports contribute to a more positive therapy experience.

Flexible Headgear

Highly flexible and will stretch to accommodate any head size. Also, features tapered Velcro straps which allow for easy adjustment. The headgear can be removed easily with special quick release straps and will preserve your fit so you won't have to make further adjustments.


  • Dual layered silicone cushion sits gently on your face
  • Multiple exhalation vents promote quiet therapy
  • Tapered Velcro straps make adjustment easy
  • Flexible headgear stretches to fit any size
  • Glider strap prevents leakage
  • Replaceable cushion
  • Latex free headgear
  • Quick strap releases







RX Required.

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