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Fisher & Paykel Products

Fisher & Paykel

One of the biggest manufacturers in the CPAP industry, Fisher & Paykel specializes in making affordable CPAP machines, masks, and supplies. Fisher & Paykel is best known as the producer of the ICON Auto CPAP Machine, which features a built in heated humidifier, making it a convenient device for at home or on the road. We carry three other CPAP machines as well.

While Fisher & Paykel may design some of the best machines, they are also one of the leading innovators in CPAP masks. They make nasal, full face, and nasal pillow masks, all of which are comfortable and affordable. For each mask and machine, Fisher & Payekl produces replacement parts, including cushions, headgear, filters, and water chambers.

Popular throughout the world, Fisher & Paykel is one of the leaders of the industry and they produce some of the best-selling products at CPAPMan.