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Considered one of the top four leaders in the CPAP equipment industry, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare is known for producing some of the highest quality CPAP machines and accessories on the market. Their instruments are known for their reliability and affordable price tags as well as their user-friendly designs and wide range of features. One of our best-selling Fisher & Paykel Healthcare machines is the ICON Auto CPAP. The instrument features a built-in humidifier and a small profile that's perfect for in-home use or travel. The Auto CPAP line features a ramp system that begins the pressure at a lower level and gently increases pressure until the prescribed level is reached.

CPAP Masks and Accessories

While Fisher & Paykel may be best known for their exceptional CPAP machines, the brand is also an industry leader in CPAP accessories including masks, humidifier parts, and other supplies. Fisher & Paykel nasal masks are arguably some of the most comfortable and the most affordable on the market. The CPAP masks are designed to be lightweight, and designs for women are available. Women's CPAP masks are sized smaller and have a unique shape that's designed to better fit the contours of a woman's face.

At, you'll also find a variety of other non-traditional CPAP masks by Fisher & Paykel including nasal CPAP masks, nasal pillows CPAP masks, and full-face CPAP masks. Parts are available to fit the various masks and instruments offered, including replacement humidifier water chambers, filters, tubing, and more. Fisher & Paykel's CPAP machines are used all over the world and are favorites among patients and caregivers alike.

Quality and Value

Fisher & Paykel CPAP instruments, masks, and accessories are designed to meet the demands of users while maintaining quality and value. The instruments and accessories are priced low but provide exceptional reliability. All instruments and accessories are made with medical-grade materials and are designed to be easy to clean for better sanitation.

For the best selection of Fisher & Paykel Healthcare CPAP machines, masks, and accessories, turn to We carry a full selection of Fisher & Paykel products that are designed to deliver targeted respiratory therapies with ease and comfort. Shop now for the best selection, lowest prices, and fast delivery.

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