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Vitera CPAP Mask Headgear - Fisher & Paykel

Vitera CPAP Mask Headgear - Fisher & Paykel

400VIT121, 400VIT122

Price: $35.00
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Vitera HeadGear with VentiCool by Fisher and Paykel

The Vitera CPAP mask by Fisher and Paykel headgear features VentiCool Technology to give you a comfortable night's sleep. This breathable fabric allows 24 times more airflow than previous Fisher & Paykel headgear yet is sturdy enough to stay in place due to its five different adjustment points. The headgear also has mask clips for easy and quick release when you have to get up in the middle of the night.

Cleaning your headgear is easy; simply wash it once a week in warm soapy water and do not let it soak for more then 10 minutes. 


  • Comes in two sizes, Small and Med/Large which fits most
  • Wash only once a week
  • Quick Release mask clips
  • Five points of adjustment
  • VentiCool Breathable Technology

SKU: 1851
  • Vitera Headgear in selected size
    • Small - 400VIT121
    • Medium/Large - 400VIT122

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