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Oracle Oral CPAP Mask - Fisher & Paykel

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Oracle 452 Oral CPAP Mask

Innovative Oral CPAP Mask

The Oracle 452 Oral CPAP Mask by Fisher & Paykel is an innovative piece of hardware that functions as a viable alternative to traditional nasal CPAP masks. The Oracle 452 is ideal for mouth breathers and those with chronic nasal obstruction because it fits over your mouth alone. The Oracle 452 is very easy and convenient to wear: minimal contact points prevent blemishes and marks, and the absence of a forehead pad adds comfort and creates an entirely open field of vision. What's more, the Oracle 452 CPAP mask can even be worn without headgear!

SoftSeal Mouthpiece

The SoftSeal Mouthpiece on this Oracle CPAP mask is silicone based and intended to be placed comfortably inside your mouth. The SoftSeal will help to eliminate abrasions and contact points; moreover, together with the SnapFlap Cover, the SoftSeal will also assist in maximizing the effectiveness of your seal. The SoftSeal piece on this Oracle CPAP mask is very easy to wear and will work with most dentures.

Quiet Ventilation

Although it's an oral mask, the Oracle 452 is by no means louder or noisier than its nasal mask counterparts. The Oracle 452 oral mask for CPAP machines comes with a filter designed specifically to prevent noise, and exhalation holes located on the elbow of the mask direct air away from you and your bed partner.

Rotating Adjustment Dial

The Rotating Adjustment Dial developed by F & P is a clever solution to the ever-present issue of creating a proper fit for your Oracle oral mask. The dial can be rotated so that you can either tighten or loosen the fit between the headgear and mouthpiece according to your preference. To adjust, simply slide your fingers up and down the dial.

Optional Single Strap Headgear

The Oracle CPAP mask includes a special single-strap headgear for those who prefer to add an extra layer of support and stability. The strap for the Oracle 452 headgear is wrapped around your neck near your chin and is therefore able to provide support without blocking your vision or causing any discomfort whatsoever.


  • Accommodates mouth breathers and those with chronic nasal obstruction
  • Comes in standard size (product no. HC452A)
  • FlexiTube tubing can rotate 360 degrees
  • Optional nasal plugs included (3 sizes)
  • Can be worn without headgear
  • No forehead support pad
  • Rotating Adjustment Dial
  • Minimal contact points
  • SoftSeal mouthpiece
  • Open line of sight
  • Latex Free
Fisher & Paykel
90 days against manufacturer defects
Tube Connection
Front of the face
Mask Type
Headgear Clips and Type
Yes; Nonmagnetic Clips
Headgear Size with Mask
Other Headgear Sizes Available
Other Headgear Styles Available
FitPack Available
Active Sleeper
Stomach Sleeper
Glasses Friendly
Reduces Claustrophobia
Specifically Designed For Women
Facial Hair
Cushion Interchangeable with Different Type
1 lb
  • Complete mask with Headgear and Nasal Plugs
  • Silicone Soft seal Mouthpiece included (S, L)
  • User Fitting Guide
Danni E
What is there to say about this Oral mask? Well first off this is a great mask to use for any sleep apnea patient. Seeing as this is the only one on the market Fisher Paykel really made this as best as they can. I took this on the plane with me during holiday and absolutely enjoyed it. The softgel felt awfully nice whilst being worn that I almost forgot I had it on. It is almost like its not on you at all. Though I've noticed sleeping on a bed it can move around a bit thats possibly because its not secured well enough? I would give this a 5 star but the reality is nothing is perfect right? I will keep this mask and buy another once mine wears out. One Love
Isang Mahal
Ash G
I have a couple allergy issues that can cause congestion. though its not as bad as it seems. I've had a terrible time breathing through my nasal pillow mask that was recommended by a good friend. A full-face did not work well at all as I felt claustrophobic? My Physician and respiratory therapist forgot to mention there was an option for an oral mask. I learned about this through my friend. This is absolutely the thing I needed and cost much less than the expensive oral supply I would have opted for. The service was excellent and I will keep coming back for me.
Pete P
First of all I would like to thank your customer service for being so helpful when I was placing my order a month ago. I cant compare this with any other oral mask because this is the only one you guys have but im loving it. The mouthpiece is very soft that it don't even bother me at all, it don't even bother my partner. Very satisfied with the mask wished you would have more oral massk in the near future for sure I will buy again from you guys.
Steven T
CPAPman customer service listened to my tales of woe and suggested this mask. They changed my life. I am not just a mouth breather, I am a mouth mover and found full face masks in my mouth in the middle of the night. I am not a candidate for a nasal mask for other reasons. After 12 years of CPAP use I am now first seeing the real benefits this technology can provide. Thank you CPAPman and Fisher Paykell
Drew S
I'm typically a nasal mask user and had recently been told to use this mask for the time being as I was have surgery on done to my nose and the doctor said to go with an oral device. Needless to say it was a transition trying to use this mask but once I got the hang of using this it became golden to me. I enjoyed the fact I don't need all this stuff covering my face when I sleep. Its great.
Brittney D
Loud Valve
Do not buy this unless you plan to sleep on the couch with ear buds in your eara. The valve that blocks the co2 from getting back in is so loud its unbearable and they wont refund you for this reason.

Thank you for your review! Luckily we do have a mask assurance policy so please give us a call.

Hunter H
If you are the type of person who doesn't like too much stuff in your face this is definitely the mask to go for. I am a mouth breather and I have no obstruction in my view when I wear this. I wish it was a bit cheaper for such a simple contraption but overall I am happy with this mask
Josh B
I started using it bout a week ago and so far it's been working great. It's perfect for my CNO. It's pretty simple but it's great for me. It doesn't cover my sight and it can be worn without headgear. It's soft and a very good one for me.
Russ B
Finally found a mask that works for me as a mouth breather.
Using it does not make you feel like your suffocating or that your head is going to inflate.

I would not be using CPAP if it was not for this mask.
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Question (If not, is this mask available for rental?)
We do not offer rentals on masks but we do offer a ONE-TIME (every 6 months) 30-day mask assurance guarantee. If you don't like, or fit your mask, contact us within 30 days from your delivery date and we will issue a credit on your account that you can use towards a new mask or a new size. No need to return the opened mask as we can only accept unopened ones!
Posted: 09/30/2023
Question Is there a trial period, or the possibility of return/refund? It sounds like it might be what I need, but have had so many disappointments already...
We do offer a ONE-TIME (every 6 months) 30-day mask assurance guarantee. If you don't like, or fit your mask, contact us within 30 days from your delivery date and we will issue a credit on your account that you can use towards a new mask or a new size. No need to return the opened mask as we can only accept unopened ones!
Posted: 09/30/2023
Question Soon I will have brain surgery so I can't have the belt through my neck for a few weeks. So I ordered this FISHER PAYKEL ORACLE 452 mask. I am planned to use adhasive tape to my cheeks to hold the mask in place. Are there any other people with experience with adhasive tape?
What about the Resmed Swift FX Bella Nasal Pillow Mask? Item 61568 The headgear hooks around your ears.
Posted: 09/12/2023
Question What size hoses can fit this device? I would like to use the slimmest hose available.
Hi there, all the end fittings for our tubes/hoses are the same size, so even the slimmest tube will fit this mask. Thank you.
Posted: 01/14/2022
Question I have to use a full face mask because I am a mouth breather. I have never heard of an oral CPAP mask before.
1. Does this mean that there is nothing that goes in or up under one's nose?
2. Lately, I find I am getting dry-mouth. Will using this exacerbate or eliminate dry-mouth when using the BiPAP
1) There are nose seals included, as otherwise the mask will leak.
2) If you are already using a full face mask this will not likely have an effect on dry mouth. You should consider manually increasing the humidity level on your device.
Posted: 10/15/2021
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