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Auto CPAP Machines (APAP)

Auto CPAP Machines are devices designed to deliver an airflow at variable pressures as needed, determined by the APAP machines in order to keep the airway open. Operating on a range of 4cm/H2O to 20cm/H2O these devices will adjust up and down during the course of the night while you sleep. Though similar to the standard CPAP machine, these Auto Devices will detect your need and stay within it's range to keep your comfortable.

Benefits of Auto CPAP

The device will start at a lower pressure, and the deeper you sleep your pressure requirements may change as your muscles relax so let the machine do all the work - the sensors in the machine detects the apnea and responses immediately by increasing the pressure until the airway is open. And then the pressure may automatically and gradually drop to a lower level. That means many times your apnea machine operates at a low pressure and you sleep more naturally.

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