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ClimateLineMax Oxy Tubing For CPAP Machines - ResMed


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Heated tubing from ResMed has an additional oxygen port which allows CPAP users to receive additional oxygen throughout sleep apnea therapy.

Tubing with Oxygen Inlet for S9 ResMed CPAP Machine

An Ideal Option for Oxygen Support

The ClimateLine Max Oxy Tubing by ResMed offers excellent support for patients who own an S9 ResMed CPAP machine. This ResMed S9 ClimateLine tubing includes a supplemental oxygen port which is intended to assist those who need additional oxygen throughout their therapy. The wide diameter of the tubing permits a large, steady stream of air to flow through the mask and up to the patient. The Climate Control mechanism enables the tubing to maintain a constant temperature which in turn reduces nasal congestion, dryness and other potential issues.

Convenient Design

Not only does the ResMed ClimateLine Max Oxy Tubing improve your therapy by providing additional oxygen and maintaining air temperature, but it also allows you to move freely throughout sleep due to its flexible design. The ClimateLine Max Oxy Tubing permits you to sleep on your back, sides, or stomach without issue or complication.

ClimateLine Max Oxygen Tubing Features

  • Equipped with a sensor which helps maintain a constant temperature between machine and mask
  • Compatible with a ResMed S9 Series machine using an H5i Heated Humidifier
  • Tubing is warmed by external copper wire
  • Includes supplemental oxygen port
  • Maximum pressure is 30 cm H30
  • Inner diameter of 19mm

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Question Will this fit directly to a F30 inlet or does It need a connector
Hello the one end will fit to the machine and the other to your mask, the F30.
Posted: 03/22/2022
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