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PR12 CPAP Mask Adapter Connector - Philips

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Philips Respironics PR12 Mask Adapter Connector (for DreamStation Go Series CPAP Machines)

The Philips PR12 Mask Adapter Connector works with DreamStation Go CPAP 12mm Tubing and DreamStation 2 Micro-Flexible CPAP Heated Tubing. This Mask Adapter Connector attaches to the end of the Micro-Flexible Tubing and makes the tubing compatible with all standard CPAP masks from all manufacturers.
This mask adapter connector attaches to the end of PR12 tubing to make the tube compatible with all standard CPAP masks.


This adapter works exclusively with DreamStation 2 Micro-Flexible CPAP Heated Tubing, DreamStation 2 Auto CPAP MachineDreamstation Go 12 mm tubingDreamStation Go Portable Manual CPAP, and DreamStation Go Auto CPAP Machines.
Not Compatible With Non-Portable DreamStation CPAP & BiPAP Machines like the DreamStation, DreamStation Pro, DreamStation Auto,.


1 Philips PR12 Mask Adapter Connector

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