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DreamStation Go 12mm CPAP Tubing - Philips


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DreamStation Go 12mm Micro-Flex Tubing

Flexible 6ft Tubing

Small and lightweight the 12mm Micro-Flex tubing will allow for more flexibility and mobility. Making packing and traveling much easier and reducing the bulk.


This tubing is compatible with all CPAP masks and compatible with only the DreamStation Go CPAP/APAP travel machine.


  • Compatible with all CPAP masks (package includes a universal mask adapter connector that allows you to use standard CPAP masks from all manufacturers)
  • The smallest tubing
  • Length - 6 feet
Ryan C
Sadly, VERY poorly designed and VERY bad durability
I've been using the Dreamstation Go for a couple of years now. The machine is fine (still my daily), bit this hose is AWFUL. It always breaks right at the connector, the thin plastic hose material splits. I've had to order four more as a result. And now, it's our of stock.

I tried using the 90* elbow to reduce the stress at that point, but doesn't work at all! It won't connect to the machine (not even with friction), so it just falls out of the connection point.

At $40 a pop, you'd think this would last longer than a couple of months. I can get this to about six months WITH a redneck repair of hot glue and duct tape.

I am so sorry to hear that happened! We have not seen this as an on-going issue but please contact us, so we can replace it for you!

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