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V-Com CPAP Comfort Accessory - SleepResV-Com CPAP Comfort Accessory - SleepResV-Com CPAP Comfort Accessory - SleepResV-Com CPAP Comfort Accessory - SleepRes

V-Com CPAP Comfort Accessory - SleepRes

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V-Com™ CPAP Comfort Accessory by SleepRes

The V-Com is a revolutionary CPAP accessory by SleepRes designed to make breathing on a CPAP more comfortable without compromising therapy effectiveness. It reduces inspiratory pressure and flow, improving comfort for CPAP users to help encourage compliance. Setting up the V-Com in your CPAP circuit is as easy as inserting it between your CPAP hose and mask. The V-Com is compatible with all CPAP masks and tubing with 22mm diameter connectors.

Who Can Use the V-Com?

The V-Com is designed for all CPAP or BIPAP users whether they are new to therapy or veterans who are trying to adjust to a new prescription. Starting therapy with V-Com helps you adjust easier and sets you up for success.

There are no time constraints when using the V-Com. Feel free to use the V-Com for as long as you need to feel comfortable with therapy. When you're ready, simply remove the V-Com from the CPAP circuit and store it with your other CPAP supplies so it can be ready to use the next time your prescription changes. Since using the V-Com does not affect the efficacy of your therapy, you can always opt to leave it in the circuit.

Key Features

  • Enhance initial CPAP tolerance by reducing inspiratory pressure, providing comfort without compromising treatment efficacy
  • Reduced air flow noise, leaks, and discomfort
  • Instantly feel comfortable with your OSA treatment device
  • Compatible with all CPAP/BIPAP machines


What does the V-Com actually do within the circuit?
The V-Com is designed to soften the peak inspiratory flow that is often troublesome to new CPAP users, enhancing compliance and comfort.

Do you need a prescription for the V-Com? 
The V-Com does not require a prescription.

How long will I need to use the V-Com?
How long you use V-Com is completely up to you. Use the V-Com for as long as you need to make your CPAP or BIPAP therapy more comfortable.

How often do I need to replace the V-Com device if I decide to use it long term?
The V-Com should be replaced every three months.

Where is the V-Com device placed in the positive airway pressure (PAP) circuit?
The V-Com should be placed between the hose and the mask.

How to Use the V-Com

  1. Confirm your CPAP/BIPAP machine is turned off.
  2. Remove the V-Com from the package and attach one end of it to your CPAP hose and the other end to your CPAP mask.
  3. Verify that all attachments are secure before turning on your CPAP/BIPAP machine.
  4. Put on your mask, turn on your machine, lay down, and get a good night's sleep.
  5. Clean your V-Com after each use or every 24 hours according to the instructions provided.
  6. If you plan to use the V-Com long term, it should be replaced every three months, similar to hoses and masks.

Cleaning Instructions

  1. Wash the V-Com with soap (e.g., liquid dish soap) and water, inserting a small, bristled brush in both ends of the V-Com to penetrate and clean the complete airflow path.
  2. Twist the brush several times.
  3. Rinse with clean water and let air dry.
  4. Inspect for any damage or residue. If seen, clean again or replace.

Resistance to flow:

  • 0.3 cmH2O @ 20 Lpm
  • 0.6 cmH2O @ 30 Lpm
  • 1.1 cmH2O @ 40 Lpm
  • 1.7 cmH2O @ 50 Lpm


OD: 22MM
ID: 22MM
Volume: 18 mL
Weight: 9 grams


1 x V-Com CPAP Comfort Accessory

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