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Micro Auto CPAP AirMist HME Kit - Transcend

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Micro CPAP AirMist Heat Moisture Exchanger (HME) Kit - Transcend

Say goodbye to bulky humidifiers and the struggle of finding distilled water on-the-go. The AirMist™ Heat Moisture Exchanger Kit integrates seamlessly with your Transcend Micro CPAP for a comfortable sleep experience no matter where you travel.  


  • Designed for Transcend Micro CPAP
  • Convenient, travel-friendly design
  • Works with all CPAP masks with 22mm connections
  • Provides heat and humidity without using water
  • Includes AirMist adapter and 4 AirMist HME cartridges

Waterless Humidification
The AirMist HME recycles heat and moisture from your exhaled breath to add humidity to the air. 

User-Friendly Design
The AirMist HME Kit comes with everything you need to seamlessly connect to your existing Micro CPAP setup. Simply connect one end of the AirMist adapter to your tubing and the other end to your mask to start enjoying comfortable sleep therapy. 

Universal Mask Compatibility
For ultimate convenience, the Micro AirMist HME works with all CPAP masks with standard 22mm connections.  

Replaceable Cartridges
Enjoy long-lasting comfort with the included 4-pack of replaceable HME cartridges. Each cartridge is individually packaged and provides up to 7 days of convenient humidification once opened. 


How do I clean my AirMist HME Kit?
The AirMist adapter can be cleaned weekly with mild soap and warm water. Remember to remove the HME cartridge before cleaning as the cartridges are not washable.

  1. Remove the HME cartridge from the adapter.
  2. Soak the AirMist adapter in warm, soapy water.
  3. Wash the interior and exterior of the adapter with a lint-free cloth.
  4. Rinse well and let the adapter air dry away from direct sunlight.

What tubing can I use with the AirMist HME? 
The AirMist HME works seamlessly with both the Transcend Micro AirFlex™ 6 Ft Hose and the Micro Standard 6 Ft Hose.

Can I purchase replacement AirMist HME cartridges?
Yes, you can purchase replacement HME cartridges separately.

How often should I replace the AirMist HME cartridges?
Each HME cartridge lasts up to 7 days after opening.

Can I use any mask with the AirMist HME? 
The AirMist HME is compatible with all masks with 22mm connections. However, it works best when positioned closer to the mask. The HME may be less effective when used with masks with short tubing as it will sit further away from the user. 


1x AirMist adapter
4x AirMist HME cartridges

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Ann G
AirMist HME Kit Really Works!
I added the air mist kit to my rental, as I have a very bad problem with dry mouth, especially when I use my CPAP. I was skeptical about it working, as I confess, I don’t understand the technology. That said, it worked brilliantly. In fact, I put it in upside down one night and woke up with a terribly dry mouth. I switched the direction and put it in correctly, and it worked exactly as it was supposed to. While it is excellent, there should be some way to prevent the user from putting it in upside down. Otherwise I would give this five stars.
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Question Transcend Micro Auto CPAP AirMist HME Kit - Somnetics

Question does the humidifier option is reusable or is it disposable. What Have been the user reviews of this machine.
I would need it most probably for next year, are you planning to have other specials, or Black Friday?

I would certainly check during black Friday! Customers seem to love how small and compact it is for travelling!

The humidification options are disposable. Each piece lasts up to 7 days.
Posted: 10/06/2023
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