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Dreamwear CPAP Nasal Mask

Dreamwear CPAP Nasal Mask
Dreamwear CPAP Nasal Mask Dreamwear CPAP Nasal Mask Dreamwear CPAP Nasal Mask
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Dreamwear CPAP Nasal Mask
By Philips Respironics  |  Item No.: 1116700, 1116680, 1116681, 1116682, 1116683, 1116685, 1116686, 1116687, 1116688, 1116690, 1116691, 1116692, 1116693
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Hose Connection at Top of Head

The revolutionary minimalistic design of the Philips Respironics DreamWeaver nasal CPAP mask is the perfect solution for active sleepers. This CPAP mask features a unique hose connection at the top of the head, which keeps the hose clear of your face while you sleep. The airflow of this CPAP mask comes through the silicone sides into the nasal cushion, which is great for side sleepers. This design also keeps your view unobstructed for watching television, reading and other bedtime activities.

Key Features

  • Hose connection features unique placement at top of head
  • Open, unobstructed view without forehead support
  • Simple, minimalistic design
  • Innovative frame delivers airflow to the cushion.
  • Cradle cushion for proper seal and even airflow
  • Cushion available in multiple sizes: small, medium, medium wide and large


RX Required.

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