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DC Inverter for CPAP Machines

DC Inverter for CPAP Machines
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DC Inverter for CPAP Machines
By Battery Power Solutions  |  Item No.: BPS-150W
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Price   $39.00

Universal DC Inverter

Handy Device

The Universal DC Inverter is a lightweight, portable power device which is capable of working with nearly every sleep apnea therapy machine currently on the market. This DC power inverter is remarkably easy to use and incredibly travel friendly; patients will find that they can carry and utilize this inverter during their travels without any appreciable hassle. In general, patients should avoid using this power inverter with a heated humidifier as such a humidifier may suffer damage as a consequence.

Compatibility Data

The Universal DC Inverter is a highly versatile piece of equipment: compatible with all cpap machines EXCEPT Resmed. Also, using the inverter with heated humidifier attached to the CPAP unit, may cause damamge to your CPAP unit. Please do not use inverter while CPAP machine is utilizing heated humidifier.


  • Highly versatile - works with nearly all CPAP machines other than series by ResMed
  • Should not be used with a heated humidifier
  • Exterior coloring - red and black
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Extremely travel friendly
  • Small and compact
  • Easy to use




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