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Auto Charge DC Cable for C100 CPAP Battery Pack
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Auto Charge DC Cable for C100 CPAP Battery Pack

By Battery Power Solutions  |  Item No.: BPS DC Cable
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DC to DC Cable for C-100 Battery

Travel Friendly Gadget

The DC to DC Cable for the C-100 Travel Battery Pack by Battery Power Solutions (BPS) is a convenient, travel friendly device which has the ability to recharge your battery pack in a speedy and hassle-free manner. This package includes the cable only and does not come with the battery pack itself.


The DC to DC Cable is designed to charge your battery pack by plugging into a cigarette style socket such as those commonly found in most motor vehicles. A minimum of 12.6V are required to charge your battery and so your vehicle will need to be running in order to supply power. Starting at zero power, patients can expect a recharge time of 4-5 hours per battery.


  • Charges battery from DC power source (such as cigarette style socket)
  • Minimum 12.6V required to charge battery
  • Works with C-100 Travel Battery Pack
  • Compatible with 150W Inverter
  • Package includes cable only
  • Recharge time - 4-5 hours
  • Travel friendly device

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