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Dreamwear Gel Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask - Philips

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DreamWear Mask with Gel Nasal Pillows – Philips Respironics

The DreamWear gel nasal pillows CPAP mask retains all the innovation from the popular DreamWear nasal mask and simply swaps in nasal pillows in place of the under-the-nose cushion. This mask has several unusual features intended to keep your line of sight clear, allow freedom of movement, and enhance comfort. The modular design of the CPAP mask permits a quick conversion from nasal pillows to the under-the-nose cushion, giving the CPAP user flexible, efficient options.

Key Features

  • Soft silicone frame

  • Over-the-head connection for tubing

  • Gel layer on nasal pillows to reduce chafing

Minimal facial contact

The gel pillows cushion on the mask sits under the nose, leaving the bridge of the nose untouched. A silicone tip fits inside the nostril while a soft gel layer rests over the nostrils to complete the seal while preventing nasal irritation. The design accommodates glasses, reading, and television watching.

Soft, flexible frame

The soft silicone mask frame rests gently along the sides of your face and moves with you as you move in your sleep. The airflow from the CPAP machine travels through the frame to the mask’s cushion. Since there are no hard plastic pieces, sleeping comfortably on your side is possible once the mask is fitted correctly. Fabric wraps can be placed on the silicone frame if you prefer the feel of cloth.

Elbow connection on the head

The hose to the CPAP machine connects to an elbow on top of the headgear, sending flow through the silicone frame to the cushion under the nose. Most CPAP machines connect to the front of the mask at the cushion. This innovative design keeps the CPAP tubing behind you and out of your way all night long.

Sizing and Fitting

The Philips Respironics Gel Nasal pillow mask comes in three frame sizes (small, medium, and large), and the nasal pillows come in three sizes (small, medium, and large). Careful sizing of both the nasal pillows and the frame is essential to attain the full benefits of all the unique features this mask offers.

Three sizes of pillows are included in the Fit Pack so you can quickly evaluate which size is best for you. The silicone tip of the pillows should rest inside the nostrils. The blue gel base on the pillows should rest entirely outside the nostrils.

The medium frame included in the Fit Pack fits most people, but if there are leaks or frustrations with tightness or pillow movement away from the nostrils despite having the right size nasal pillows, you may need a smaller or larger frame.

To get the best fit for comfort and effective CPAP delivery:

  1. First, place the nasal pillows under the nose.

  2. Next, position the elbow connector at the top of the head.

  3. Pull the headgear behind the head.

  4. Adjust the fit evenly with both tabs on the headgear.


Recommended cleaning frequency

  • Daily: nasal pillows, frame, elbow, and tubing quick release

  • Weekly: headgear and fabric wraps

Cleaning Process

  1. Wash in warm soapy water using a mild dish soap.

  2. Rinse thoroughly in clean water.

  3. All parts should be air-dried out of direct sunlight.

Dishwasher option:
Once a week the frame, nasal pillows, elbow, and quick-release connector can also be washed in the dishwasher.

  • Place in top dishwasher rack.

  • Use a mild detergent.

  • Use the air-dry cycle.

Important: Do not clean with products containing alcohol, scents, antibacterial agents, antiseptics, bleach, chlorine, or moisturizers. Do not soak any parts for more than 10 minutes.

In the Package

  • Silicone frame

  • Nasal pillows

  • Headgear

  • Cloth frame wraps

  • Elbow connector to CPAP machine

The FitPack includes the medium frame and three sizes of pillows. The mask can also be ordered with just your choice of frame size and pillow size.

Replacement Parts and Accessories

Component Materials

  • Nasal Pillows: Urethane Gel, Silicone polycarbonate

  • Frame: Silicone Polycarbonate

  • Elbow: Polycarbonate

  • Tubing Quick Release: Polycarbonate

  • Headgear: Polyurethane Foam, nylon/Spandex, thermoplastic elastomer

  • Fabric Wraps: Polyester/Spandex

Operating Range 4 to 20 cmH20


How do I know if the frame fits me?
The frame should not lean back toward your ears. If it does, you may need a smaller frame. The silicone frame should not fall forward toward your eyes. If it does, you may need a larger frame.

How are the DreamWear Gel Nasal Pillows different from the Gel Pillows in the Nuance mask from Philips Respironics?
The nasal pillows in the Nuance and the DreamWear are identical. If you have enjoyed the Nuance pillows, you will probably love this mask.

CPAPMAN Mask Review

The DreamWear Gel CPAP Mask is a unique and innovative product that has been designed to provide maximum comfort and freedom of movement for users during sleep therapy. The mask's soft, silicone frame directs airflow through two tubes that join at the nasal pillows, allowing for an unrestricted airflow and accommodating almost any sleeping position.

This mask may be a good choice for your sleep apnea therapy if you are looking for a mask that lets you read, watch TV, or do other things while wearing it. It’s a fantastic design if you often feel tangled up in your CPAP equipment or like to sleep on your side. Many people love nasal pillows, but some people find they dry the nose out too much or cause friction inside the nostrils. 

The gel-infused nasal pillows of the DreamWear Gel CPAP Mask provide a soft, secure seal without red marks, pressure, or pinching. The nasal pillows contour to the base of the nostrils and adapt naturally to facial contours, ensuring maximum comfort for the user.

The DreamWear Gel CPAP Mask's headgear is simple and secure, with a soft, single strap that rests at the back of the head, stabilizing the mask without requiring over-tightening or excessive contact. The tubing elbow is located on the top of the head, where it can swivel freely to help reduce drag and clutter on the bedsheets.

The DreamWear Gel CPAP Mask is lightweight and provides minimal contact, making it one of the most minimal masks available for CPAP therapy. It provides users with an open field of view for reading, talking, or watching TV before bed. Additionally, the mask is available with three different pillow sizes and three different frame sizes, allowing users to choose the size that best fits their needs and preferences.

The DreamWear Gel CPAP Mask is also compatible with DreamWear Full Face and DreamWear Nasal Cushions, giving users the flexibility to switch between different types of masks depending on their needs.

Overall, the DreamWear Gel CPAP Mask is an excellent option for users who prioritize comfort, freedom of movement, and minimal contact during their sleep therapy. Its innovative design, gel-infused nasal pillows, and simple, secure headgear make it a top contender in the CPAP mask market. Order this mask today from CPAPman and find out why so many people with sleep apnea love it!

1124984, 1125015, 1125016, 1125017, 1125018, 1125019, 1125020, 1125021, 1125022, 1125023
A7034 (Mask), A7035(Headgear)
Philips Respironics
90 days against manufacturer defects
Tube Connection
Top of the head
Mask Type
Gel Nasal Pillow
Headgear Clips and Type
Headgear Size with Mask
Other Headgear Sizes Available
Other Headgear Styles Available
Yes; DreamWear Headgear with Arms
FitPack Available
Active Sleeper
Stomach Sleeper
Glasses Friendly
Specifically Designed For Women
Facial Hair
Cushion Interchangeable with Different Type
Yes, DreamWear Silicone Nasal Pillows, DreamWear Nasal Cushion

Non-FitPack includes

  • One nasal pillow cushion of your choice
  • one frame of your choice
  • Headgear
  • Two frame wraps
  • Tube connector

FitPack Includes

  • Medium size Frame
  • Three cushions: small, medium, and large
  • Headgear
  • Two frame wraps
  • Tube connector
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