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Travel CPAP Machines: Sleep Therapy on the Go

Travel CPAP machines are lightweight, portable devices designed to meet the sleep therapy needs of the active person with sleep apnea.

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Travel CPAP Machines Overview

Travel CPAP machines are approved for use during air travel and many come with a travel case and luggage tag for easy check-in when you carry your CPAP on a plane. Portable CPAP machines typically include automatic altitude adjustment to ensure effective CPAP therapy for sleep apnea whether the user is camping in the Andes or flying over the Atlantic. Some travel CPAP machines fit in the palm of your hand like the ResMed Airmini while others may offer humidifiers. When it comes to portable CPAP machines, there are a lot of options on the market today.

Fixed-pressure CPAP machines and auto CPAP machines are both available in travel-friendly versions. Many travel devices for CPAP retain features for comfort found on full-size CPAP machines, such as ramp time and expiratory pressure release. Some devices also have data capture abilities and may include Bluetooth connectivity.

Travel CPAP machines may include a battery pack. Most portable machines do not have an external power brick, so users need to plan for a power source. Even if the device has a battery, it will be necessary to recharge the machine during the day. Many portable units can be plugged into a car cigarette lighter.

Most travel CPAP units do not have a built-in humidifier, but some do have uniquely designed internal humidification systems. CPAP users should evaluate whether a machine uses standard-size CPAP tubing and should verify that the tubing can connect to their CPAP mask or nasal pillows. Somnetics has just come out with a small travel-friendly machine called the Transcend 365 that has a built-in humidifier and can be used as your full-time machine as well as your travel companion. The Philips DreamStation Go has also released a humidifier that attaches to the travel machine and uses tap water making your travel time very comfortable.

Due to the smaller form factor, the motor may not be as robust as the motor found in a full-size machine. Algorithms that detect airway obstruction and adjust pressure during sleep may be slower to respond. The auto CPAP versions may work best for people who do well with tighter ranges of pressure during the night.

Another Reason for a Travel-Size CPAP machine

We highly recommend a portable CPAP machine for travel and as a secondary backup machine should your home model need repair. 

CPAPMan carries all the popular name brands like Philips Respironics and ResMed and in all price ranges with many optional features. So, if you are looking for a small CPAP machine check out CPAPMan or talk to one of our specialists today to find the best travel CPAP machine for you via chat, email, or phone 24 hours a day.

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