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Transcend CPAP Filter - Somnetics


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*This Product is NOT compatible with Transcend 3 or Transcend 365.


Transcend Filters

This is the replacement filter designed specifically for Somnetics Transcend travel CPAP lineup. They are compatible with all Transcend devices that use the Filter Frame. Simply push the button and remove the filter. Viola! New filter. If you have the older Transcend device it will not work due to the latch on the bottom of the filter frame that permanently attaches the filter to the frame itself.


These filters are compatible specifically with the Transcend EZEX and the Transcend Auto. If you own the newer models of the Transcend or the Transcend II or older then these will unfortunately not work.


Somnetics recommends that you wash your filters weekly with distilled water and a mild detergent.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Multiple Transcend Machines
  • Durable
  • Easy to Clean


Somnetics recommends that you clean your filters with a mixture that includes about 5% of mild detergent.

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