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DreamStation Ultra-Fine CPAP Filter, 2/6 per pack - Philips

DreamStation Ultra-Fine CPAP Filter, 2/6 per pack - Philips

1122518, 1122519

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Disposable Filter

The Ultra Fine disposable filter is made specifically by Philips Respironics for the all-new DreamStation! Coming in a pack of six filters, you'll have plenty to go on for a while without having to constantly buy them. The DreamStation filter is disposable so you just replace it when it is time to do so. Being housed in a light blue frame the filter's main job is to block any dust particles from getting into the machine. For added protection, this filter can be used with the reusable filter to further prolong the overall life of each disposable filter.


This six-pack of disposable Respironics CPAP filters does not include the reusable filter as that is a separate purchase that can be purchased on the Reusable Filter page. It is also recommended to replace the filter after 30 days of continuous use or earlier should there be an ambient amount of greying or browning noticed on the filter during regular weekly checkups. These cannot be washed and reused therefore to ensure zero compromises in Sleep therapy please replace them as needed.

1122518, 1122519
These little filters are the building blocks of good respiratory hygiene. Frequent changes are necessary to maintain the clean filtered air in any environment. Today's dust is tomorrow's crust on your lungs if you don't change the filters. Change is good! Take care of the filters. They take care of you.
George d
This disposable filter is as per the manufacturer's requirements for my APAP/CPAP machine. The packaging is manufacturer's.
Howard W (Verified Purchase)
These are just the filters I needed, at a fair price, delivered right away.

What's not to like?
Leon C (Verified Purchase)
A nescessary evil. Exspensive but I can not find a lower price anywhere else.
Victoria D
The filters came promptly and were well packaged. They are safety sealed in plastic bags. I've ordered from other companies before but prefer site as if I have any questions I've called and he gives me the best solutions. The orders are always filled correctly too as other companies have sent extra or wrong parts in the past.
LaVerne G (Verified Purchase)
I love this company! Getting the filter from here is cheaper and quality is the same! I will continue ordering from here!
Leon C (Verified Purchase)
RE: Filter Review
What can I say. A filter is a filter. Over priced for what you get. Keep an eye open for deals!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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