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Ultra Fine Disposable Filters For Philips REMstar M/System One CPAP Series

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Ultrafine Disposable Filter for System One REMstar M Series Machines

Filter for the REMstar M Series

The Ultrafine Disposable Filter by Philips Respironics for System One REMstar M Series Machines (Auto, Pro, BiPAP & DS100) is a reliable and effective means for keeping dust, pollen, and other harmful particles out of your therapy device. The ultrafine disposable filter is ideal for patients who live in homes with great amounts of pollen or dust and for those who live with pets; this disposable filter will also benefit those patients who have different circumstances as well. The ultrafine filter by Philips Respironics will ensure that the air you breathe throughout therapy is as particle and dust free as possible.

Versatile and Convenient

The ultrafine disposable filter is a versatile tool - it is compatible with the set of System One REMstar M series machines, including the Auto, Pro, BiPAP, and DS100. What's more, the ultrafine disposable filter is also remarkably easy to insert and remove. The filter should be changed roughly every 15-30 days (occasionally longer) in order to promote maximum hygiene. If at any point the filter appears discolored, it should be replaced immediately with a new one.


  • Works with System One REMstar M Series Machines - Auto, Pro, BiPAP & DS100
  • Prevents pollen, dust, and particles from disrupting therapy
  • Should be changed immediately when discolored
  • Should be changed roughly every 15-30 days
  • Comes in a pack of six
  • Easy to insert


The System One by Philips Respironics




1 3/4(L) x 7/8(W) inch
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4 star
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Zara S
Thanks. Ive been ordering from them for about 8 years or so and Ive been using my 50 series Philips respironincs apap and i was devastated when i heard that the 50 series machines has been discontinued and i though to myself.. "where am i suppose to get filters for my machine. The customer service helped and advised me that the 60 Series machines has the same size filter and can work with my machine. They said that they look different but they are able to work with my machine. Thank you!
Jonathan K (Verified Purchase)
These are the best filters out there for the 60 series machine. I have tried others but this one is the best.
Jerry W
Works great for my machine. Easily removed and replaced. Last for a long time .
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Question What is the size of the filter?
1 3/4" x 7/8"?
That is correct the dimensions are: Dimensions 1 3/4 x 7/8 inch (L x W)
Posted: 11/22/2021
Question Will this filter fit in the remstar pro machine?
yes it should fit
Posted: 09/15/2021
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