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Amara Full Face Mask Headgear

Amara Full Face Mask Headgear

1090296, 1090297

Price: $30.00
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Replacement headgear for the Amara Full Face Mask from Philips Respironics. Available in both standard and small sizes. Comfortable Full Face CPAP Mask.

Replacement Headgear for the Amara CPAP Full Face Mask

A Great Replacement Headgear Option

This replacement Respironics Amara headgear is a marvelous option for patients who own an Amara CPAP/BiPAP full face mask of any variety. The replacement headgear for the Amara mask is lightweight and features a special design which is guaranteed to produce a comfortable experience for users. This replacement Respironics headgear comes in two sizes and is compatible with any type of Amara full face mask (CPAP or BiPAP). Check out the Amara CPAP Mask , here.

Amara Full Face Mask Headgear Replacement Features

  • Available in small or "reduced size" (product no. 1090296) and standard (product no. 1090297) size
  • Headgear requires replacement roughly every 6 months
  • Works with all Amara CPAP/BiPAP full face masks
  • Slim, lightweight design

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