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DreamStation Go CPAP Disposable 30-day Fine Filter - Philips

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Disposable Filter

The Ultra Fine disposable filter is made specifically by Philips Respironics for the all new DreamStation GO! Coming in a pack of six filters, you'll have plenty to go on go wherever it may be in the world. The DreamStation filters are meant to be disposable so simply replace them when it is time to do so. Using a CPAP machine goes beyond just getting better sleep, you want to make sure the air being delivered to you is optimal, and that's why it is important to have a filter helping you. These ultra-fine filters help by capturing any floating pet dander, pollen, mold spores, or dust that you may not be able to see. After multiple tests, there is a 95% efficacy to be found with a .5-.7 micron meaning the air going into the machine and into you will be the cleanest it should be. 


The DreamStation Go filters are meant to last up to 30 days. Each filter in this package of 6 is disposable and though it is rated to last up to 30 days, it is best practice to inspect the filter every few days to ensure it does not have an abundance of pollen or dust build-up in which case should be replaced right away. Unfortunately, these are not reusable and cannot be cleaned therefore please dispose of them when it is needed. Changing filters regularly will help reduce dirt build-up and maximize your CPAP machine's performance.



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