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Transcend 3 CPAP Filter Assembly - Somnetics


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Disposable Fine Filters for Transcend 3 

Filters! Specifically, Transcend 3 replacement filters. These replacement filters for Transcend 3 Travel CPAP machine are good to maintain by keeping extras at your disposal. Due to the eventual build-up of dirt particles coming from the rooms we occupy, it has become inevitable that filters will become dirty over time even if you live clean and occupy a clean room. . With that being said, the best way to combat breathing in unnecessary pollen and/or dirt particles is to maintain a good and effective schedule for replacement of the filter. This is the key to optimizing the level of efficiency of your CPAP therapy. According to the Sleep Therapist and the manufacturer, it is generally recommended to change the filter regularly every 4-6 months. These particular filters were not designed to be washed due to the material used when made therefore, it is best practice to dispose of it and replace the filter with a new one.

To change the air filter:

1.     Slide the air filter cover off and remove the old air filter.

2.     Insert a new air filter and replace the air filter cover.

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